Chicago Makes History with First Vegetarian Museum Exhibit

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, April 30, 2017: Chicago is home to museums centered around art, science, nature, children’s interests, various ethnic groups, broadcast communications and even surgical science. It can now add the vegetarian/vegan movement to the list. Chicago resident Kay Stepkin created what is believed to be the first museum of its type in the country and likely in the world. The idea for the National Vegetarian Museum surfaced for her about three years ago after she appeared on a local radio show to discuss the history of the vegetarian movement in Chicago.The appearance went so well that Stepkin was asked to speak to other groups around the city, which forced her to dig deeper into the history to be better prepared. That research prompted the idea of the museum. “I knew if I didn’t know about our history, neither did anyone else,” she said.

Using a private donation of $90,000, Stepkin, with the help of a museum consultant, created a traveling multi-panel and video exhibit that is currently making month long appearances at various public libraries around the city. The exhibit will remain on the city’s South Side at the Avalon library through the middle of May 18 and then reopen later the same day at the West Belmont library branch. Stepkin hopes to find a permanent location for the exhibit by February and come up with a long-term funding plan. She also would like to send traveling versions around the country tailored for individual cities and/or organizations.

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Also, the video A Brief History of Vegetarianism – Presented by the National Vegetarian Museum can be viewed here: