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The advent of great Mahatmas and spiritual leaders in this holy land of Bharatavarsha have always been followed by the setting up of movements and institutions to spread their messages and mission among the people aspiring for divine life. Sometimes, a number of mutts and ashrams come into existence in various parts of the country and even abroad to spread the work of the preceptor. As long as the disciples and devotees of a Mahatma stand united and constantly endeavour to continue the mission of the saint, the whole world is attracted to the life and mission of the spiritual master and it brings light to the entire humanity.

However, it is seen in the history of many a spiritual movement, in the course of time, narrow-minded sectarian thinking, personal prejudices of the individuals heading the institutions, ego, jealousies and urge for domination, have divided the followers of many great Mahatmas into groups which keep a distance from each other and sometimes are critical of each other . When the followers of two different mutts set up by the great Advaita Acharya Sri Shankara came at loggerheads with each other, the great Tamil poet-patriot-philosopher, Mahakavi Bharati was forced to remark jovially, “Advaita has become Dwaita”. Such things have happened in the case of almost all the religious and spiritual institutions named after great Mahatmas or started by them.

Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar who always called Himself “a Beggar” never wanted to start any sect, sampradaya or ashram, and He was living the life of a recluse in the Arunachala Hill, His only mission being the work that His Father, Papa Ramdas, gave Him — to chant and spread the Ramanama Taraka Mantra, “Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”. However, devotees and pilgrims thronging to Arunachaleswara did not fail to see the “Hidden Saint” in Him, as Swami Chidananda, the illustrious disciple of Bhagavan Sivananda called Him, and in decades of His sojourn in Tiruvannamalai, the number of spiritual seekers coming to His abode to satiate their spiritual urge increased in leaps and bounds necessitating the setting up of an ashram premises where they could sit peacefully around Him and quench their spiritual thirst. Devotees from all over the country and abroad have been making their pilgrimage to the Ashram even today and though He is not physically present, His Divine presence there in His Samadhi Mandir invigorates them with spiritual energy.

A number of satsang groups and ashrams have sprung up in different parts of the country and abroad, set up by the devotees of Bhagavan to spread His name and the Ramanama Taraka. The World Ramnam Movement spearheaded by Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association started with the blessings of Bhagavan three decades ago to spread the Nama Japa Yagna commenced by His Gurubhagini, Mataji Krishnabai of Anandashram, Kanhangad, has Bhagavan’s devotees in different countries pursuing the japa sadhana. With the blessings and grace of Bhagavan, this sadhu is currently on his thirteenth visit to South Africa from March 21, 2018, to June 17, 2018, touring all over the country contacting devotees of Bhagavan and participants in the World Ramnam Movement and spreading Bhagavan’s message in His Centenary Year. In view of Bhagavan’s centenary falling onDecember 1, 2018, we hope and pray to bring together the followers of Bhagavan on one platform in an International Ramnam Convention as a part of Bhagavan’s Centenary Celebrations. We seek the support, patronage and participation of all devotees of Bhagavan to make this endeavour a grand success. In consultation with the various groups of devotees of Bhagavan and conveners and participants of World Ramnam Movement in India and abroad, we will soon finalize the venue and dates of the convention and the programmes in connection with the Centenary Celebrations. We give a clarion call to all devotees of Bhagavan to come together to spread His Name and Message.

Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar,Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Jaya Guru Raaya!

Vande Mataram!

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