Conservation of Hinduism serves nation’s interests: Champat Rai

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, Oct 4: New office of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) titled ‘Vishwashree’ constructed near Kadri Garden here under the aegis of VHP and Sanskriti Seva Foundation, was inaugurated on Monday October 3.

Speaking after inaugurating the office, international secretary of VHP, Champat Rai, said that protection of Hinduism leads to protection of the country, and thereby achieves welfare of Hindus. “Hinduism has the inner strength to withstand any external onslaughts as it is associated with saints and Sadhus,” he asserted. He spelt out protection of country’s borders, maintaining the level of Hindu population, and conservation of traditions and culture of Hindus as the three aspects which influence protection of Hinduism.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader, Mukund, who inaugurated regional office, called upon the gathered to spread knowledge about the essence of principles, philosophy to the people and the world by using modern technology. Gopaljee inaugurated the residential quarters of officials. M B Puranik inaugurated district office.

Subrahmanya Math Swamiji, Sri Vidyaprasannateertha, Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyoor and heads of several other Maths delivered benedictory addresses.

Writer, Erya Laxminarayana Alva, VHP Karnataka south province secretary, T A P Shenoy, Dr Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, administrator of Bhotanatheshwara temple, Vijayanath Vittal Shetty and some others participated as guests.

VHP leader, Krishnamurthy, delivered the introductory address. VHP district president, Jagadish Shenava, welcomed the gathered. Jitendra S Kottary and Shivananda Mendon presented the programme.