Dear Hon. Indian PM Narendra Modi – Please Intervene To Prevent Demolition Of 100 Hindu Temples in Malaysia – Hanuman Singh Chodhry Letter


Dear Sri Modi Ji,
Please examine thoroughly the great words of our Masters and if those words are understood and applied, you have lifted the glory of India back to its original status throughout this wide world. If you truly want to put the point across to these demons, then it is time to examine this knowledge and wisdom to be passed to radical society with firmness according to present world’s circumstances, environment and behavior. TIME TO APPLY FIRMNESS. They must not be allowed to joke with the Nature Laws and by giving thorough understanding, they will think twice to do such heinous crimes against Hindu Temples and Aryas. Please Note: Only by Understanding of Self Realization will stop the wicked people to do wicked things.
Well, who should you blame here? Islamic terrorists! OR The state of Malaysia sponsoring terrorism!

Indian government, don’t just simply sit impotently. Reprimand the Ambassador of Malaysia now.

Malaysia must be openly and internationally challenged now without your guess work. Send an investigating team now. That is what has been explained that you need to select millions of strong Hindus to form the investigating teams such as “RED ALERT” “ORANGE ALERT” and “GREEN ALERT”


Even if needed to be surrounded by military!
PLEASE NOTE IN DECEMBER 2007, OUR SANSTHA SENT THE REPORT on Ecological Imbalance to Mr. Al Gore, Noble laureate and also to his team of Noble Laureate scientists.

They concluded important scientific studies: Around the Middle of year 2008, Al Gore Noble Laureate Team of Scientists concluded that the Meat Eaters release 25% more carbon dioxide emission than the vegetarians – THUS CAUSING SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGES.
Since the world is having serious nature devastation(s) going on such as Tsunami etc…, it is very necessary to remind these wicked Islamic terrorists hiding in the covers of Malaysia regime that by disturbing the NATURAL LAWS, they are exactly doing hitting their own feet with their own axe. Did they lose three air planes in recent years – two disappeared in the blue sky and one was shot over Ukraine.. The wicked boys must be reminded NATURE LAWS AND PRINCIPLES…
REMEMBER: Political ways will not defeat the wicked boys but the understanding of the Universal Consciousness and Natural Laws, binding them also, will make the wicked boys realize their evil Self destruction including for their children and families. TIME TO OPEN AND MAKE THEM REALIZE THESE MPORTANT POINTS…
GREAT CHANAKYA PUNDIT SPOKE OVER 2,350 YEARS AGO: “There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it.”

How dare these small countries can continue to insult and humiliate the aged old ancient religion of India? They are not insulting the religion only but slapping on the face of Bharat Mata. This must be understood now.
ANSWER: Because a weak person dies 1,000 times but the strong dies once… Wake up from the wicked sign of impotency and without fear speak out the RIGHTEOUS WORDS OF WISDOM… Summon the Ambassador of Malaysia and challenge him openly now…

It is time that India should intervene in this matter and not allow to suffer any leftover Hindus in these countries. It is very necessary that India take the firm stand.

Remember weaknesses of Indian leadership are causing disrespect to Hindu population in such tiny countries like Malaysia.



If you tell them the truth of Bhagavad-Gita science on ecology and Natural Laws, they will understand. At the same time let them know their sectarian Islamic ideas are extremely against the principles of Natural Laws. If you tell them firmly, they will understand… if you simply hide to sound like a nice, nice, goody, goody guys, you will inflict too much pain and sufferings on the Hindu population in these small countries under the domain of demoniac regime of Malaysia.

Challenge them with total understanding on the governance of the Universe Karmic Law “CAUSE AND EFFECT.”

Let them know that their sectarian freak ideas are not conducive to the meaning word “HUMANITY.”

Explain these total demoniac ignorant Islamic terrorists in Malaysia regime the value of Mother Holy Cow Holy Milk is so much important to all infants born to fanatics or non-Muslims that without them their survival will not be there.

Warn them what Saddam Hussein of Iraq spoke: Read at the live practical example the DILEMMA OF SADDAM HUSSEIN, EX-PRESIDENT OF IRAQ.

In the year 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein spoke: “And have you witnessed in the history that is known to you that some children die because of a premeditated decision to deprive them of milk.” Published in a Major US News Paper, September 06, 1990.

THOSE WHO ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND HEED TO THESE NATURAL LAWS BINDING ALL OF US UNIFORMLY ARE IN FACT walking away by breaking the Universal Principles and laws that each human must respect, comply and live within its decency but the fools have decided to rebuke and defy everything what is Natural Laws binding you, your families and entire people of the world.


Millions of children died in the African countries in the last 40 years in the absence of milk… OUR SANSTHA OF ACHARYA SRI CHARAN DAS JI MAHARAJ HAD WRITTEN TO US PRESIDENTS, SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN AND UNO advising to send a million cows in these starving countries and all infants would live healthy… Well they were busy killing each other Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims – domination of the lands under two sectarian banners… In their tug of wars, millions died.

Mothers were “walking skeleton” holding malnourished infants. They needed Holy Cow Holy Milk but they ate all the cows under their religious orders…

After 37 year of writing to authorities all over, finally about three years ago, UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION sent milk trucks showing on US televisions healthy African kids were standing in lines with mugs waiting for their turn to get milk from UNO trucks – they did not send cows to any of the starving regions such as Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ghana etc.

Here is great Master Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu encountered Mohammedan Magistrate (Kazi) over 530 years ago in Bengal

TEXT 166: “Since you Mohammedans cannot bring killed animals back to life; you are responsible for killing them. Therefore, you are going to hellish planets; there is no way for your deliverance.”

The following verses were spoken over 530 years ago by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu to Mohammedan Magistrate (Kazi), translated in English from Bengal:

TEXT 165: “The Sastras (books) of the Yavanas, or meat eaters, are not eternal scriptures. They have been fashioned recently, and they contradict one another. The scriptures of the Yavanas are three: The Old Testament, The New Testament, and the Koran. When the scriptures of the Yavanas namely, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran cannot properly answer inquisitive followers, naturally those advanced in the scientific knowledge and philosophy lose faith in such scriptures.

TEXT 166: “Since you Mohammedans cannot bring killed animals back to life; you are responsible for killing them. Therefore, you are going to hellish planets; there is no way for your deliverance.”

TEXT 167: “There are many mistakes and illusions in your scriptures. Their compilers, not knowing the essence of knowledge, gave orders that were against reason and argument.”

…From the book Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta, Adi Lila Volume 3, Pages 340-348

Eventually annihilation of humans’ existence!

The words of Leo Count Tolstoy –A Russian Sage: “How can you expect peace when your stomachs are the living graves of the murdered defenseless animals?”

Animals are sentient beings and especially cows are on the highest pedestal for humans’ survival and existence. In Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and many African countries millions of children died in the absence of milk due to Mal-nutrition.

Pythagoras who was born over 500 years before Jesus came on the scene.

This is what Pythagoras, over 2500 years ago, taught the Vedic science in Greece and Rome and he said: “The strict law of Karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the law of nature. As long as the people of this world continue to murder and eat their two most benign friends, the cow and the bull, they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence, catastrophic wars, famine and population explosion.”

These great words of wisdom were spoken over 2,500 years ago that murdering and eating two most benign friends, the cows and the bulls, humans will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions,

a) Leading to Criminal Violence,

b) Leading to Catastrophic Wars,

c) Leading to Famine and

d) Leading to Population Explosion

Socrates teaching the LAW OF KARMA, Science from Bhagavad-Gita taught by Greek masters:

“Science of Truth by Socrates: Clear knowledge of the truth is essential for the correct conduct of life. Action he said equals knowledge. Thus, virtue can be taught because correct action involves thought.”

Plato, pupil of Socrates taught the meaning of the Immortality of soul. He taught that the soul reincarnates the other bodies after death. Plato said “IMMORAL BEHAVIOR IS THE SYMPTOM OF A DISEASED SOUL.” Plato taught in his school, ‘Academy,’ the Vedic principles of Self-control, logic and transmigration of soul. Academy started over 2,383 years ago.


In 1814, former U.S. President John Adams, who had been reading about Hindu religion, wrote to a President of the U.S.A., “The Sage of Monticello,” Thomas Jefferson, about the doctrine of the Science of Birth and Death (Reincarnation). After revolting against the Supreme Being, some souls were hurled, John Adams wrote, “down to the region of total darkness.” They were then, the statement said, “released from prison, permitted to ascend to earth and migrate into all sorts of animals, reptiles, birds, beasts, and men, according to their rank and character, and if they passed without reproach their several graduation, they were permitted to become cows and men. If as men they behaved well… They were restored to their original rank and bliss in heaven.” Letters to Thomas Jefferson, March 1814, Correspondence of John Adams. Forefather of the USA also 2nd. USA President, Mr. John Adams, has emphasized on the importance of cows and human’s to behave.


It is time to speak spade as spade and pull them out with thorough understanding why Muslims must not practice Islam and ask them to come back to the Hindu Ancestral fold now…. Tell them the examples of Saddam Hussein and African countries and speak out the value of Holy Mother Holy Cows — ASK THE FOOLS, IF THEY KILL ALL THE LEFT OVER COWS, WHAT WILL TAKE PLACE OF THEIR INFANTS?

ANSWER IS VERY CLEAR: Same thing what took place in Iraq in the absence of milk over a million Iraqi Muslim children died.

Same think what took place in African countries in the absence of milk millions of children died.

Malaysia regime must be reminded that it is the original Hindu land… Please Read India’s lost ancient Hindu lands and India can take over with understanding of knowledge and wisdom of Bhagavad-Gita all these areas into Hindu fold, currently controlled by terrorist governments such as Malaysia… Saudi Arabia keeps on pushing for the destruction of Hindu temples and it is time to talk to Saudi Arabia as well now… NO DELAY … Look into the eye balls more powerful than these rascals showing you red angry eyes and defeat them on their ignorance and arrogance demoniac nature.

Jai Sri Krishn – HAR HAR MAHADEV


Hindraf seeks Urgent Meeting with Chief Minister on Demolition of 100 Temples in Malaysia

Posted on 9:17 pm, March 1, 2015 by WHN Reporter

KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA , February 24, 2015 (Freemalaysia Today): Hindraf Makkal Sakthi is seeking an urgent meeting with Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali on a reported 100 Hindu temples in the state which have purportedly been earmarked for demolition.The NGO maintains all these temples in Selangor were legally built. The meeting follows a public admission by Selangor Exco V. Ganapathi Rao that some 100 Hindu temples, older than the recently demolished 60-year-old Sri Kottai Munisvarar Nageswary Temple, would be demolished by the state government. He did not state the reasons for the pending demolitions.

“Rao’s statement reminds us of the era of MIC and BN where they kept giving lame excuses for their inefficiency in tackling matters of public interest and concern,” said Hindraf vice-president Tamil Selvam. “He’s the lone Indian representative in the Exco and clearly outnumbered by the others.” His helplessness, pointed out Tamil Selvam, stems from the fact he has not been given the mandate to handle the issue. “The temples, he added, originated from plantations which were subsequently acquired by the government or sold to private developers. “Just because the plantations where the temples sit have been acquired by the government and developers, it does not mean that they can go on a demolition spree.”



UNDERSTANDING: D. C. Nath (President, Patriot’s Forum) – Francois Gautier Again—“The Hindu Rate Of Wrath”

Posted on 7:09 pm, March 2, 2015 by WHN Reporter

President of Patriots Forum, D.C. Nath was superannuated in January, 1995, as the Special Director, Intelligence Bureau, D.C. Nath (IPS-1960) was associated with the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM), headquartered in New Delhi, for over 14 years, first as the Executive President& CEO and then as the President & Director General, between February, 1997 and March, 2011. The author of a highly acclaimed book, Intelligence Imperatives for India, Mr. Nath earned high plaudits from all around for two of his very significant presentations on: “Revisiting the Future of India” (2005, London) and “Lessons from India for the War On Terrorism” (2007, USA). He is the only one in the field, combining the experiences of a police officer with specialization in intelligence and strategic analysis and an industrial security expert par excellence. More Bio on D. C. Nath…

News Research & Analysis Files-

The Hindu Rate Of Wrath<< News analysis file 1


March 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Subject: Francois Gautier Again—“The Hindu Rate Of Wrath”

We are with Francois Gautier again. He starts his beautiful piece, raising the question: “Is there such a thing as ‘Hindu terrorism’?” Referring to some incidents involving Hindus, his judgement is clear: “What should be understood is that this is spontaneous revolution on the ground, by ordinary Hindus, without any planning from the political leadership.”

Francois’ assessment of average Hindus and Hinduism:

· From early 1980s, I slowly realised that the genius of this country lies in its Hindu ethos, in the true spirituality behind Hinduism.The average Hindu you meet in a million villages possesses this simple, innate spirituality and accepts your diversity, whether you are Christian or Muslim, Jain or Arab, French or Chinese. It is this Hinduness that makes the Indian Christian different from, say, a French Christian, or the Indian Muslim unlike a Saudi Muslim.

He read his history correctly:

· In 3,500 years of existence, Hindus have never militarily invaded another country, never tried to impose their religion on others by force or induced conversions. You cannot find anybody less fundamentalist than a Hindu in the world and it saddens me when I see the Indian and western press equating terrorist groups like SIMI, which blow up innocent civilians, with ordinary, angry Hindus who burn churches without killing anybody.

When it is “enough is enough”:

· Hindus, the overwhelming majority community of this country, are being made fun of, are despised, are deprived of the most basic facilities for one of their most sacred pilgrimages in Amarnath while their government heavily sponsors the Haj. They see their brothers and sisters converted to Christianity through inducements and financial traps, see a harmless 84-year-old swami and a sadhvi brutally murdered. Their gods are blasphemed. So sometimes, enough is enough.

Let us take note of how Francois assesses the Babri Masjid demolition:

However reprehensible the destruction of Babri Masjid, no Muslim was killed in the process; compare this to the ‘vengeance’ bombings of 1993 in Bombay, which wiped out hundreds of innocents, mostly Hindus.

Francois has named his piece (attached) as “The Hindu Rate of Wrath”. We shall go a little beyond where he has left it. As we see and assess, the “sleeping” Hindus have yet to wake up and react to what all is being done against them, making them feel a second grade citizen in their own homeland. The “revolution” that Francois calls “spontaneous” has not really started yet. It is taking time because all Indians, by and large, are peace loving, the Hindus in particular. It is time, if not over due, that the Hindus do unite to protest and rise against what “clear religious terrorism” they have gone through, especially even after Independence. One is bound to react when put against the wall.

Additionally, the discrimination heaped on the Hindus vis-a-vis the so-called minorities by the former UPA government and being tragically continued even under the present so-called pro-Hindu regime is bound to give rise to more instances of what Francois has rightly called spontaneous revolt. That it has not yet taken shape is surprising. Perhaps, history is in the making. In any case, friends, those of you agree with this line of thinking, may like to lead the way. We plead: kindly take lead. In the language of that great mind, “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.” We humbly add, time is not on our side.


Your sevak,

D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

Source: Patriot Forum

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