Delhi police arrests Aftab for slaughtering his Hindu live-in partner into 35 pieces for asking him to marry her

On Saturday (November 12), the police nabbed a man for murdering his Hindu live-in partner and disposing of her chopped body in the National Capital.

As per reports, the accused was identified as one Aftab. He met the victim, Shraddha, in Mumbai. The duo worked together at a call centre. Shraddha fell in love with Aftab and eloped from her home after her parents disapproved of her relationship with Aftab.

The duo, thereafter, began living together in the Mehrauli area of Delhi. Aftab was reportedly miffed with the victim for asking him to marry her. On May 18 this year, he strangled her to death.

The accused then purchased a refrigerator and stored her body in it for several days. He chopped his partner into 35 pieces and disposed them at 18 different locations in Delhi.

Reportedly, he would go out every night at 2 am to dump the body parts and destroy the evidence of his heinous crime. Shraddha’s family kept track of her whereabouts through her social media posts.

When she stopped posting updates, her family grew worried. Shraddha’s father went to Delhi but was unable to find her. Thereafter, he lodged a complaint with the police. The arrest of Aftab on Saturday (November 12) thus brought closure to the 6-month-old case.

In a statement, the Delhi police said, “Mehrauli Police solved a six-month-old case and arrested one Aftab for killing one Shraddha, chopping her into pieces and disposing of them. They fell in love while working in Mumbai and came here after families’ opposition. He murdered her when she started forcing him for marriage.”

Source: OpIndia