DIVERSITY-USA : Prez. Obama and PM Modi likely to talk about homeland for exiled Kashmiri Hindus


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Roseburg, OR (USA) Jan. 11, 2015


            The U.S. President, Barack Obama, is likely to discuss the pressing issue of rehabilitating the exiled religious minorities of India’s Kashmir with Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, during Mr. Obama’s upcoming visit to New Delhi to observe India’s Republic Day festivities on January 26, 2015, said a press statement issued by Diversity-USA here today. Earlier Mr. Modi of India had extended a personal invitation to the Obama family for joining the Indian people on their Republic Day which President Obama had readily accepted. The President is scheduled to land in India on Jan. 23, 1520.




            Joined by six other American organizations of national and international standing, Diversity-USA through an urgent Memo has requested the President for broaching the subject of rehabilitating the ousted religious minorities of Kashmir with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressing to his Indian host the great concern of the American people about this long standing humanitarian problem. The other note worthy signatories to this Memo include: India American Intellectuals Forum; Global Hindu Heritage Foundation; Eurasian& African Human Rights Forum; Kashmir Hindu Foundation Inc.; Panun Kashmir International; and, Indian American Advisory Council, House Republican Conference, US Congress.




            The initiative of Diversity-USA asking for President Obama’s help has received massive support from all political circles across party lines. The democratic support was led by Rep. Peter DeFazio, the senior most member of the US Congress from the state of Oregon. He told the President in a letter that his constituents including Dr. Jagan Kaul were concerned about the plight of religious minorities of Kashmir and therefore, he urged the President’s consideration for taking up the issue with Prime Minister Modi during his visit to India. The support of the Republican side was highlighted by the fact that Mr. Shalabh Kumar, Chairman, Indian American Advisory Council, House Republican Conference, US Congress is one of the sponsors of this initiative. Now that both the houses of the US Congress are controlled by the GOP the Republican support on this initiative becomes equally significant.




            It may be recalled that when Prime Minister Modi visited Washington DC on Sept. 19, 2014 at the invitation of President Obama, these organizations had presented a joint detailed memorandum to him appreciating his constructive and positive approach to this most pressing humanitarian and human rights problem in South Asia confronting India. The memo requested the Indian Premier to resolve the issue by appointing a high powered Democracy and Reorganization Commission for J&K headed by the former law minister, Dr. Subramanian Swamy. One of the important tasks of this Commission was to determine territorial, Administrative, judicial and legislative organization of a homeland for the exiled communities with unfettered flow of the Indian Constitution.


            In the latest memo to President Obama this demand was reiterated by these US Organizations stating that the resettlement of the exiled religious minorities of Kashmir ( upwards of a million people) who have been homeless for the past 26 years, in a state of their own within the Kashmir region, is the only viable option that can guarantee their stable rehabilitation without the fear of the oft repeated crusades by Jihadis and their collaborators. In view of Al Qaeda’s publicly stated plans in South Asia for establishing “Nizam-e-Mustafa” backed by radical Islamists of Pakistan the exiled religious minorities of Kashmir have a strong and justifiable case for being granted an autonomous homeland. Further more this kind of a measure by the Modi Govt. for rehabilitating the expelled minorities of Kashmir in their original habitat will simultaneously administer a death blow to the disastrous designs of Wahabi expansionism and subversion in South Asia.




            The French President, Francois Hollande, addressing an international gathering and a historic demonstration in Paristhis morning said “France was in a state of war with radical Islam”. Let the Modi Govt. express its solidarity with the people ofFrance by announcing the establishment of the “Democracy & Re-organization Commission for J&K” to break the back bone of radical Islam in Kashmir. Dr. Jagan Kaul, Chairman, Diversity-USA warned that no country in the world should under estimate the terrorist and destructive component of Wahabi ideology based radical Islam. Given her geographical location, history and composition of population, starting from Kashmir, India should be on the forefront of the campaign to neutralize the menace of Wahabi expansionism and radical Islam the statement concluded.