Diwali 2014: For Pakistani Govt’s Hindu employees Dipawali is colorless

pakistani-hindu-communityDiwali 2014 is here and people are celebrating it in style. But for Pakistani Govt’s Hindu employees Dipawali is colorless

Karachi: Diwali 2014 festival is being celebrated across the globe, including in the neighboring Pakistan. But for more than 10,000 Hindu employees of Karachi Municipal board, the Diwali is going to be without light.

Usually these employees are paid advance salaries prior to Diwali and Holi so that they are able to enjoy the festival in style and enjoy it fully. But not this year.

It is notwithstanding the fact that the High Court has ordered that the employees of the Hindu community working in Karachi and elsewhere in Sind are paid their salaries in advance before Diwali, one of the biggest festivals of the Hindus across the world.

But state government has said that it has already released the funds to pay the advance salaries as has been ordered by the court and now it is the responsibility of concerned departments to disburse the salaries as soon as possible.

More than six thousand people belonging to the minority Hindu community are employed by six municipal corporations in Karachi, home to more than 20 million people. These people and their families have been awaiting impatiently their salaries that should have arrived well before Diwali. They are threatening to go on strike and organize a sit-in if it is not paid today.

Source: NVO News