Don’t target Hindus, says Pakistani daily

Don't target Hindus, says Pakistani daily

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Islamabad : A Pakistani commentator has hit out at a private TV channel for using “extemely offensive and derogatory remarks” targeting the Hindu minority.

A commentary published in The Nation pointed out that the audience roared with laughter when the performer, while apparently trying to be funny, used the word “dog” to describe Hindus.

“I am surprised how this was allowed to go on air keeping in mind there are millions of Hindus living in Pakistan,” the commentator said.

“Unfortunately, from text books to talk shows to common people, this culture of considering Hindus ‘impure’ or ‘inferior’ continues, thanks to the likes of such people who in disguise of their ‘funny content’ keep this hatred alive.”

The commentator pointed out that all hell breaks loose when Donald Trump passes his hateful remarks towards Muslims.

“Before whining about a racist sitting miles away in the US, have some self-reflection: What we have been doing to the very people of our own country, the people who have been living in this land for thousands of years, long before Muslims arrived.

“Many might not know this but a part of our land, which today is part of ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, is the birthplace of Hinduism.

“Publicly insulting followers of that religion in the same country is extremely disrespectful to say the least.”