Dvaitha and addvaitha

All religions in the world teaches Dvaitha, that is dual system of phisolosophy, that is I and you, I andgod, where as Hindu philosophy  teaches both Dvaitha and Addvaitha system of philosophy, that is, dual and non dual.   Hinduism is philosophy it is not religion, it is based on principles, it is not known as when it was written, who wrote it.  Knowledge has been added to this by many people from time to time.  There are number of castes and sub castes are there in Hinduism for which there are founders, principles or  basis, for these castes and sub castes  are  Vedanta of Hinduism,

Dvaitha system of philosophy recommends blind meaningless rituals, worship 0f idles, founder of the religion, Guru’s, religious scripts etc. and superstitions, which do not stand to reasons.   Addvaitha system of philosophy teaches oneness, that is, only one, I alone no second.  It is easy to understand and practice the Dvaitha system of philosophy, where as it is not possible understand the Addvaitha system for common man, where I and you are one, I am God, God is in me.   There are no worships, rituals, and superstitions in Addvaitha system of phisolophy, there is only I no second, none else.

In Dvaitha system of philosophy which recommends duality where I and you, I and God are separate, it is easy to understand, and practice as you worship or pray God requesting for favors, this will be never ending, hence it motivates one to practices regularly.  Further the founder of the religions have designed the pujas, rituals etc. and have created fear in the mind of their followers that if they do not fallow as prescribed by them they will not get what they want from God or from them and they will not go to heaven, this further motivates one to fallow the system rigidly.  Dvaitha system of philosophy is suitable in the infancy of spirituality that is for beginners.  If it is done as recommended by their religious heads without diverting attention while doing puja etc., it will lead to oneness of the body and mind that is thoughtless state, which helps in cleansing of the mind, that is chita sudhi.  When one realizes the defect in the system, that is, its blind meaningless rituals and superstitions etc.which do not stand to reasons, he will automatically start practicing the non dual system that is Addavaitha philosophy, which is without ago and no blind belief and action

Dvaitha system of philosophy will never lead to blissfulness and salvation from cycle of births and  deaths as it is dual.  Duality discriminates which breeds Ago, ago is responsible for all our troubles; unless we drop ago there cannot be salvation.  In this system few people have attained salvation through Bhakthi yoga, immense love to God for example, santh Thukaram, Bhakthi Meera Bai, bhaktha purandaradasaru, kanaka das, etc.  Through bhakthi yoga they attained oneness with the God and they become one with the God, very rear cases.

For blissful state and salvation from cycle of births and deaths Addvaitha philosophy, the non dual system is the only way, where you realize god in you, you and God become one, you realize universal sister and brother hood, no discrimination, and all are one and the same

 This is my understanding of Dvaitha and Addvaitha, what do you say?

Source: Speaking Tree.in