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Hindu Holocaust Museum
Esteemed patriots
At this time of the year those of us, who live in the west, are “flooded” with appeals that range from welfare of animals, protection of environment and taking care of the needy and the vulnerable.
This year we wish to appeal for our own worthy cause that is not only vital but long overdue. No other people on earth have lost so many precious souls as the Hindus during our entire history. In 1946 and 1947 alone some TWO MILLION Hindus (and Sikhs) were massacred in cold blood. They lost their lives to pay for our Independence from the British rule. Yet there is NO memorial anywhere to remind us, and our coming generations, of their sacrifice in blood that gave us our freedom after a THOUSAND years.
There is also the need to honour by raising memorials or instituting scholarships to remember those dedicated, committed and untiring workers for the Hindu cause, like the late Shri Narain Kataria. Donations from patriots are of utmost importance.
We appeal for “HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM” for which among others, Shri Francois Gautier, has been working day and night. He is a brave soul who has committed himself to this noble cause, defying the apathy, even hostility, of so many. Now with BJP government at the Centre the time is ripe to accomplish this historic task.
Tens of millions of Hindus, especially those who were forced to flee their homes in extreme danger in 1947 can still recall those days and their kith and kin, friends and neighbours, who perished before our Bharat saw the “glow” of freedom. Although we cannot bring back our dead, at least we can prove worthy of them by preserving their memory for our children and posterity. The best way to pay them homage will be by having a Memorial built to honour their sacred memory.
We, therefore, appeal to all patriots to donate generously to this noble cause. By God’s grace most Hindus are wealthy and prosperous. So please donate generously. Every bit will help.
Details of the account to which remittances may be sent are as follows:-
BANK SORT CODE: 05-09-72
ACCOUNT NO. 44793866
IBAN: GB37YORK05097244793866
NAME & ADDRESS OF BANK: Yorkshire Bank, Wellingborough, Northants., NN8 1BS, ENGLAND.
You support to this vital national cause will be most appreciated.

Best regards

Source: Global Hindu News (GHN)

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