Editorial: Condolence For French Media Brave Hearts Killed By Islamists And Insincere Showcase Of Solidarity By Mainstream Indian Media



World Hindu News editorial board offers its deepest condolences to brave hearts French Editors, Cartoonists and editorial team of French media satirical weekly “Charlie Hebdo” killed by Isla mists attached to Al-Qaida organization. The physical slaughter of entire editorial team signifies the defeat of ideological discussions.  Once in Houston, Texas while hosting VHP External president Ashok Chowgule, I asked why there is always violence associated with communal disharmony cases in India, on that note he gave a wisdom advice that when ideological discussions fails to resolve issues, physical conflict is imminent and Hindu society should be prepare for all scenarios.


With the killing of French editorial team, Islamists attached to Al-Qaida have demonstrated again that the only language of communication is brute physical force. In this case Islamists saw that ideological discussions failed with French cartoonists, they applied physical force and eliminated them. The way Islamists attached to Al-Qaida killed editorial staff is highly condemn able and heinous beyond all human limits. When intellectuals are killed, world societies march towards darkness. By killing French editorial team, Islamist attached to Al-Qaida marked a dark BlogSpot in French history – a country whose arts and music underscore love and happiness.

Our editorial team and publication condemn it in its highest capacity and we are in grief on this incident. The French media team is martyr in their fight against Islamic extremism and may Ishwar (God) bless the souls with peace and forever bliss.

The incident remind us of incidents during 1947 when Pakistani Army backed by Islamic Tribal groups occupied a city namely Mirpur in Kashmir and post slaughtering Congress and RSS workers, turned on their guns to Hindu media persons and murdered them in open (reference to an interview with Bal. K. Gupta, survivor and witness to Mirpur killings).

It can be clearly inferred from above killings that Islamists whether attached to Al-Qaida, ISIS, LeT, JuD etc. don’t believe in ideological discussions and issue resolutions or perhaps they prefer slaughtering institutions and individuals physically as a shorter route to resolve conflicts.

A surprising observation is the way Indian mainstream media is offering solidarity with French Media house killing. In one of the online news portal of major Indian media firm one can see that the discussion topic is whether media should fear Islamists in India – a non-sense discussion. Indian mainstream media is best buddy of Islamist and there is no way Islamists will ever attack mainstream media houses physically. The reason being those Indian mainstream media proactive attacks on Hindu groups in India and abroad and their support towards cases of defamation on Hinduism. Why Islamists will attack institutions that project Hindu groups as terror groups.  Between the Islamists and common society stand Hindu groups at social and political levels. Islamists very well know that once Hindu groups are liquidated, the way forward is a red carpet welcome towards establishment of Islamic caliphate in India. Islamists also know that mainstream Indian media is their best buddy in their program. For example the way mainstream Indian media support arrested Islamic terrorists in India and set up media courts for military /IB and paramilitary forces towards promoting Islamic, missionary org. and communist agendas, promotion Pakistani interests in discussions, defamation of Hindu saints / seers and attack patriotic MLA’s / MP’s. The way it vouch for any controversy associated with  Hindu organization and of course the way mainstream Indian media left worked 24/7 in defaming Hindu patriot Narendra Modi (now Hon. PM of India) in total capacity. We remember Delhi Batla house police encounter case where mainstream Indian media left no stone un turn in proving that martyr Delhi policeman was guilty. Rather than saluting the sacrifice of Delhi policeman, mainstream Indian media was defending arrested and killed terrorists. One Indian channel recently questioned Indian military operation on Pakistani Terror vessel which aimed to terrorize major events occurring in Gujarat, India. Their national crime list is infinite.

With no morals and ethics, the mainstream Indian media is one of the most unpatriotic and anti-Hindu publishing media firms in world which is misguiding worldwide media on Hindu organizations and culture. In USA and Europe we see that even if media houses editorial position is Leftist or Far Right etc. when it comes to nation and majority Christian interests, they unite under common umbrella in exposing anti national organizations, in India mainstream media supports anti national institutions and has no integrity of its own. For few million dollars, they will take U-Turn and are willing to put India on sale in international market. One reason being that the owners of most India mainstream media houses are affiliated to organizations with ideological position anti-India and anti-Hindu, employees of  India mainstream media are helpless, after all everyone need a paystub for living, why cares for ideology. An enslaved group of media institutions operating in India no doubt are over jealous of free Indian spirit of common man and global Hindu resurgence. Media – which is considered as fourth pillar of democracy have failed as institutions of responsibility and integrity in India which is evident from their futile attempts to derail Hindu nationalist Hon. Indian PM Narendra Modi victory in 2014 general elections.

India mainstream media faces no threats from Islamist and their solidarity (serious worried faces of media program hosts) for French Media house killing is total fake, French Media house killing is just ‘masala’ (spicy) news for India mainstream media. From their deepest core the India mainstream media very well knows that never will they face physical attack (ideological attack out of scope for Islamists), India mainstream media got hundreds of case studies to substantiate their support for Islamist agenda, an archive legacy which Islamist appreciates from heart.