eGangotri XIII: All Kashmir Shaiva Works; 2 Balinese Lontars; 20 Commentary Bhagavat Gita

Subsequent to my discovery of the 4 Post-Stein Catalogs of Raghunath Temple by Patkar and Kamal Kishor Mishra ji, I decided to concentrate on all Kashmirian Works in the Library first – and my wishlist augmented by the Online IGNCA Catalog of the same.
Hence, work is now progressing through a Wishlist of about 100 manuscripts which upon completion  will allow us to resume the Original per-almira-order.
These Manuscript Catalogs which are to a large extent uptodate – though a lot of entires catalogued were missing from the Library:
The Catalogs can be seen here:
Descriptive Catalog of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Sri Ranbi…

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Descriptive Catalog of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Sri Ranbi…

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If any Scholar wishes to get anything in particular scanned, I will be able to entertain those requests provided it is a Critical Work and related to Kashmir Shaivism which I may have overlooked.
2 Sharada manuscripts that I did as part of this Wish List, details I have already posted at the following Link:
2 New Sharada Manuscripts at Raghunath Temple

Recently, I ran into a Book on Nataraj with some very stunning photographs by Shri Kamal Kishor Mishra, currently Associate Professor in Calcutta University. I was …
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To separate these special Kashmir Shaiva and Kashmirian Works, I have created a New Scribd Account:
They include all Kashmirian/Kashmir Shaiva Work that have not already been digitized by us so far – but KS Works already digitized will have to be consulted in the other Accounts.
I am not providing any Links, I request Patrons to browse based on the Scribd Account above
These are the Abhinavagupta Works that we have done:
1). Geetartha Sangraha – Abhinava Gupta_Alm_10_Shlf_4_2351_Devanagari – Vedanta Shastra.pdf , 30 Pages
2). Geetartha Sangraha – Abhinava Gupta_Alm_8_Shlf_5_1930_Devanagari – Vedanta Shastra.pdf , 130 Pages
3). Ghat Karpar Vivritti – Abhinavagupta_Alm4_shlf_4_809_gh_Devanagari – Kavyam.pdf , 22 Pages
4). Ishwar Pratyabhijna Sutra Vimarshini – Abhinav Gupta _Alm_11_shlf_3_2593_Devanagari – Dharma  Shastra.pdf , 193 Pages
5). Ishwar Prtyabhijna Sutra Vimarshini – Abhinava Gupta_Alm_Alm_10_shlf_3_2336_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 268 Pages
6). Para Praveshika_Alm_9_Shlf_3_2089_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 16 Pages
7). Para Trimshika Vivaran with Tika – Abhinava Gupta _Alm_8_shlf_5_1916_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 108 Pages
8). Parmartha Sara Sangra Karika with Purna Advayamayi Vivritti and Ashram Upanishad – Abhinava Gupta -2063_2064_Alm_9_shlf_3_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 104 Pages
9). Parmartha Sara with Commentary- Abhinava Gupta and Yogi Raj _Alm_10_shlf_1_2195_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 98 Pages
10). Pratyabhijna Sutra Vimarshini – Abhinavagupta_Alm10_shlf_2_2263_Devanagari – vedant shastra.pdf , 256 Pages
11). Pratyabhijna Sutra Vimarshini – Abhinavagupta_Alm_11_shlf_3_2594_Devanagari – Dharma Shastra.pdf , 70 Pages
12). Pratyabhijna Sutra Vimarshni – Abhinavagupta _Alm_10_shlf_1_2183_Devanagari – vedant  shastra.pdf , 51 Pages
13). Tantra Sara and Dehasta Devata Chakra Stotra – Abhinava Gupta_Alm_10_shlf_3_2333_2334_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 88 Pages
These are Other Shaivite Works we have done:
1). Bhagwata Gita Bhashya Mula – Shri Anand Tirtha_2418_Alm_10_shlf_4_Devanagari – Vedanta Shastra.pdf , 121 Pages
2). Bhuvaneshwari Panchangam from Rurayamala_Alm_ _3887_Sharada – Tantra.pdf , 52 Pages
3). Dhvanyaloka Lochanam – Anand Vardhan (Abhinav Gupta)_Alm_3_shlf_3_499 _1_G_Devanagari – Alankar Shastra.pdf , 245 Pages
4). Dhvanyaloka Lochanam – Anand Vardhna (Abhinav Gupta)_Alm_4_shlf_4_803_Devanagari – Alankar Shastra.pdf , 344 Pages
5). Dhvanyaloka Lochanam – Ananda Vardhan_Alm_3_shlf_3_499_gh_Devanagari – Alankar Shastra.pdf , 249 Pages
6). Ganapati and Other_11 Stotras_4766 – 4776 Sharada.pdf , 462 Pages
7). Laghu Stava Tika From Panchastavi_Alm_2_shlf_2_230_Devanagari – Kavya.pdf , 20 Pages
8). Lalita Sahasra Nama Bhashya Saubhagya Bhaskara – Bhaskar Rai_4885_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 452 Pages
9). Mahanaya Prakash – Kshiti Kantha_Alm_8_shlf_5_1920_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 55 Pages
10). Samba Panchashika Vivritii – Shri Kshemraj_2331_Alm_10_shlf_3_Devanagari – Kashmir Shaivism.pdf , 58 Pages
11). Samba Panchashika_Alm_5996_1599_K_Devanagari – Kashmir Shaivism.pdf , 117 Pages
12). Saubhagya Kavacham In Vamakeshwari Tantra_Alm_ _4513_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 12 Pages
13). Shiva Drishti Vivritti – Shri Utpaldev Rajanak _Alm_10_shlf_3_2332_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 110 Pages
14). Shiva Jiva Dashakam_Alm_5793_Anand Nath_Sahib Kaul_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 9 Pages
15). Shiva Sutra Vimarshini – Shri Khemraj_Alm_8_shlf_5_1917_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 50 Pages
16). Shiva Sutra Vimarshni – Shri Khemraj_Alm_10_shlf_3_2309_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 114 Pages
17). Spand Sutra Vritti (Shiva Sutra Vimarshini)- Vasugupta and Kshemaraja – Alm_5_shlf_3_993_ gha_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 89 Pages
18). Stava Chintaman Vivritti – Kshemaraja_Alm_8_shlf_3_1919_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 56 Pages
19). Stava Chintamani Vivritti – Shri Kshemraj_Alm_10_shlf_3_2337_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastram.pdf , 66 Pages
20). Stava Chintamani_Alm_22_shlf_5_Devanagari_5041- Bhakti.pdf , 37 Pages
21). Swatantrya Deepika_Alm_5593_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 235 Pages
22). Utpal Stotravali with Advaya Sukti Vivrittti _Shri Utpal Deva _Alm_10_shlf_3_2335_Devanagari – Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 141 Pages
23). Vamakeshwar Tantra_Alm_ _ 5618_1152_k_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 133 Pages
24). Vigyan Bhairava with Udyota Commentary – Shivopaddhyaya_Alm_8_shlf_5_1922_Devanagari -Bhakti Shastra.pdf , 100 Pages
25). Vigyan Bhairava_Alm__ 5603_1137_K_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 142 Pages
These are books which had Serial Numbers corresponding to Kashmiri WOrks but turned out a glaring case of Wrong Cataloging:
1). Bhagawat Purana Raasa Krida Panchadhyayi Tika_Alm_5_shlf_3_1003_Gh_Devanagari – Puran.pdf , 230 Pages
2). Chanakya Raj Niti Shataka_Alm_5_shlf_4_1072_GH_Devanagari – Neeti Shastram.pdf , 54 Pages
3). Chandogya Upanishad Seventh Prapathak in Tika – Shankracharaya_1672_Alm_8_shlf_3_Devanagari – Vedanta Shastra.pdf , 54 Pages
4). Gaadadyartha ( Samanya Nirukti ) _Alm_7_shlf_5_1576_Devanagari – Nyaya Vaisheshika.pdf , 54 Pages
5). Gadadhari Tika_Alm_7_shlf_2_1477_Devanagari – Nyaya Vaisheshika.pdf , 22 Pages
6). Ganapati Kavacha Shiva Kavacha from Skandha Purana_Alm_5_shlf_4_1032_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 6 Pages
7). Ghat Karpara Tika Artha Deepika – Kalidas_Alm_5_shlf_3_1012_Gha_Devanagari – Kavyam.pdf , 12 Pages
8). Mahabharate Anusmriti_Alm_5_shlf_4_1033_Gha_Devanagari – Mahamatam.pdf , 8 Pages
9). Mahimna Stotra Tika_Alm_5_shlf_4_999_Devanagari – Stotra.pdf , 40 Pages
10). Mundaka and 52 Other Upanishads till Ashram Upanishad_Alm_8_shlf_3_1746_1797_Devanagari – Upanishad.pdf , 305 Pages
11). Narad Gita and Dana Leela _Alm_5_shlf_4_1096_Devanagari – Bhakti shastra.pdf , 14 Pages
12). Narayana and 15 Other Upnishads _Alm_8_shlf_3_1717_1736_Devanagari – Upnishad.pdf , 109 Pages
13). Niralambopanishad_Alm_5_shlf_2_967_Gha_Devanagari – upnishat.pdf , 8 Pages
14). Paksha Didhiti Prakasha In Jagadishi Shiromani Tika _Alm_7_shlf_2_1475_Devanagari – Nyaya Shastra.pdf , 68 Pages
15). Prakrit Prakash Vritti Manorama – Varruchi _Alm_5_shlf_2_938_GH_Devanagari – Vyakarana.pdf , 45 Pages
16). Pranava- Aruna- Kalagni Rudra -Upanishad _Alm_5_shlf_3_1015_Devanagari – Upanishad.pdf , 6 Pages
17). Rakshasa Kavya Vyakhya Kashika – Bal Krishna Paya Gunda _Alm_2_shlf_2_231_Devanagari – Kavya.pdf , 32 Pages
18). Ras Ganga Dhar – Pandit Raj Jagannath_Alm_2_shlf_2_254_kh_Devanagari – Alankar Shastra.pdf , 362 Pages
19). Saundarya Lahari Shankaracharya_Alm_5_shlf_3_1002_Gha_Devanagari – Stotra.pdf , 18 Pages
20). Shariraka Mimansa Bhashya 3rd and 4th Quarter of 2nd Chapter – Shankaracharya_Alm_8_shlf_11647_Devanagari – Vedanta Shastra.pdf , 82 Pages
21). Shri Raghunath Mandir – Kamal Kishor Mishra.pdf , 182 Pages
22). Siddhanta Chandrika Sarasvati Tika _Alm_1_shlf_2_22_Devanagari – Vyakarana.pdf , 158 Pages
23). Siddhanta Lakshana_Alm_7_shlf_2_1476_Devanagari – Nyaya Vaisheshika.pdf , 74 Pages
24). Surya Ka Mantra_5513_1033K_Devanagari – Stotra.pdf , 26 Pages
25). Surya Kavacha from Rudra Yamala Tantra_Alm_5_shlf_3_1009_Gha_Devanagari – Tantra.pdf , 6 Pages
26). Vibhakti Artha Nirupana in Vyutpatti Vada Tika – Gadhdhar_1582_Alm_7_shlf_5_Devanagari – Nyaya Vaisheshika.pdf , 190 Pages
27). Vijaya Kalp_Alm_5_Shlf_3_1010_Gha_Devanagari – Ayurveda.pdf , 3 Pages
This is one Jain Prakrit Manuscript that we did:
Shiva Jiva Dashakam is yet another Sahib Kaul work that we have freshly discovered. 
Sri Vidya Nitya Paddhati a very crucial work that will shed light on Sri Vidyaism in Kashmir – that I had assumed to have been hitherto unknown based on several Telephonic Inquiries with Indian Scholars – turns out thanks to the correction by Prof. Sanderson – available as a manuscript in European Libraries and discussed by Prof. Sanderson in four of his Articles all available at his Page.
Shiva Jiva Dashakam – it is possible is really unknown to anyone.
I had a great fortune to visit Bali earlier this Month. Amongst other Wonderful things like my stay at Prabhu Darma Yasa-jis Ashram and the Satsang and the Rituals , I had the rare fortune of a random visit to a Shaman’s Residence. My causal inquiry if they had lontars ( Balinese manuscripts ) I was shown a heap of them. They were over generous and let me take pictures, I only photographed two of these which time and my strengh at that hour of the evening permitted.
These Can be now viewed at our FB Page: 
I dont have the faintest clue what they are about but are most likely in Old Javanese interspersed with Sanskrit, though my phone camera didnt exactly do an Optimal Job. Inputs by experts of Balinese Literature are welcome. I also was able to reach out to two Experts n Bali who are responsible for the Digitization of Balinese Manuscripts at and recieved a complete copy of there Digitial Efforts also available at – not least give them as mcuh eBooks/e-manuscripts as they were interested in.
And finally, thanks to this Wonderful article by Jai Kishan Sharma of Jammu, PhD Sanskrit Jammu University
Kashmiri commentators of Bhagavad Gita

Although Bhagavad Gita has remained a subject of multiple interpretations, scholars world over are still exploring the esoteric meanings in it.
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My Attention was redrawn to Stein’s Catalog and I discovered that Maharaja Ranbir Singh had commissioned a Compilation of a 20 Commentary Bhagavat Gita including two that were written by his Court Pandits at his behest. I am having this digitized as of now and shall be available in the Next Issue of eGangotri.
The Entry in Stein’s Catalog corresponding to the Entry can be seen below:
Atleast four Commentaries are Pre-Modern Kashmirian in Origin:
Sarvatobhadra of Rajanak Ram ( the Oldest Kashmiri Commentary on BG)
Tattva Prakashika of Rajanak Lakshmi Rama ( aka Lassa Kak )
Gitartha Sangraha – Abhinava Gupta
Ananda Tika – Rajanak Rama
The Hindi Tika will be yet more Rare Specimens of Late 19th Century Hindi Prose available online.
Tika Names are as follows:
Shankar Bhashya
Ananda Giri Bhashya
Shri Dhari Bhashya
Pishacha Bhashya
Ramanuja Bhashya
Abhinava Bhasya
Paramartha Prabha
Kusum Vaijayanti
Madhu Sudani
Hindi Bhashya
The Ninth Chapter of this Work can be seen below:
Bhagawata Gita with 18 Commentaries_9th Chapter_271…

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So stay tuned for the Next Issue. 

Chetan Pandey

Source: WHN Media Network