Ekal Artists Receive Multiple Standing Ovations

Ekal Villagers, trained in music and dance, have been traveling all over the country have been dazzling audiences with their sincere and spectacular presentations. “The Bay Area has so many concerts every weekend by professional artists. However rarely have seen four spontaneous standing ovations for artists” says Vidya Subramanium Ravi, President of the Bay Area chapter. “The artists are so professional and production is absolutely amazing”. From Florida to Pittsburg to Ohio to California, the praise has been uniform. “Amazing,professional, touched my heart deeply” was heard over and over again.

The artists have been traveling all over the country accompanied by Ramesh and Kokila Shah. Several other Ekal volunteers have joined them during different segments of the trip.

“We have to get used to sleeping on beds” says Sampa Shill. Some could not adjust to a bed and often sleep on the floor. “The two things that surprised me the most were the friendliness of Americans and the cleanliness. People who do not know me still smile. I am going to share this when I go back” says Sampa.

For Tilak Chandra his performance at Cincinnati remains memorable. “I was not well and the team in Cincinnati did not seem confident of our performance ability. I decided to give it my all and the program was a huge success. When I heard from people that they have never seen such a powerful performance – even from professional Bollywood troupes I felt really good” said Chandra.

The artists were moved by the love and care shown by the host families. “They live in mansions and yet have such care and compassion for our villages”

For Ramesh Shah, one very special moment of the program came in Indianapolis when a donor, Naresh Patel doubled his donations after watching the program. “He had tears in his eyes for he was raised in a very similar village” says Ramesh Shah.

There are still several upcoming. Please check out schedule to find one close to you.


Source: Ekal.org