Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation’s Musical Event

More than 200 people attended IACFNJ summer picnic

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA has moved forward a golden horizon for rural and tribal children in India. On 31st May 2014, a great folk of literate but thoughtful, religious but spiritual and well to do but cultural families cordially joined the debate under the banner of Ekal Vidyalaya.A Musical Event was also enjoyed and served by delicious dinner in a Banquet Hall in Foxboro, MA.

Piyush Bhatt and Vibhavri Yadav’s group has raised very melodious chemistry of legendary musical songs too. The whole event was run by Director Smt. Ranjani Saigal with great potential and success. In the beginning she quotes in Sanskrit: “Anna Daanam Maha Daanam, Vidya daanam Mahattaram” means Gift of food is great but Gift of education is greater.

Food gives momentarily satisfaction but education makes man’s life. As a result of team work and great devotion of selfless great people in USA and India 53,959 Ekal Vidyalaya are educating 1,530,765 tribal poor children in India. Good to know is Ekal Foundation is heading up so fast towards his mission: “Holistic development of rural and tribal children and villages of India through functional education, comprising literacy, basic health and hygiene as well as economic & social development.” Now Ekal is cordially ready to achieve mission truly through such a dedicated folk.

Ekal has also replicated 1000 schools in Nepal’s rural areas and enlighten candles of humanity up to the far corner of Zarkhand and Assam in India too. Short story long Ekal goes where no one goes. You will be surprised but Ekal is going to become a knowledge partner in Afghanistan too.

I would like to share one story happen with one ideal couple of Ramji and Nishiji, they visited Ekal Vidyalaya in remote poor jungle area of Assam and they became speechless with tears of happiness in eyes watching Ekal Vidyalaya and Ekal children studying under Ekal teacher. And suddenly whispered one quote from heart “Don’t curse darkness, light the candles” like Ekal Vidyalaya. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation pledges very small request for little help respect to Tan, Man and Dhan.

For Tan and Man you can visit website: www.ekal.org and for Dhan you can afford very well. Here is the good way to help: $ 1 per Day per 1 school per 1 village per 1 Year (365 days) for children enrolled in Ekal Vidyalaya. We will pay $365/year/school. For further more information you can call 781- 308-3335 without any hesitation or above Web site too.

Source: The Indianeye.net