Entire world was once inhabited by Hindus – VHP leader Pravin Togadia

IndiaTv593e23_toKhargone (MP): Firebrand Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia today said, the entire world was once inhabited by Hindus, whether in Europe, England, the Americas or New Zealand.

Addressing a Hindu sammelan here, Togadia said, wherever human beings lived, they were all Hindus. “But today out of 7,000 crore human beings across the world, only 100 crores Hindus are left, and if the Hindu population continues to dwindle, it could diminish to 10 crores.”

Togadia said, he was one of the staunch supporters of love, but his prime target was to stop “love jihad”.
The VHP leader said, let there be an anti-conversion law, if forcible religious conversion is wrong. “The VHP will support this law, even if it is brought by a Congress government”, he added.

On the Ayodhya Ram Temple issue, Togadia said, “we vow to build a Ram Temple in Ayodhya, whether anybody likes it or not.”

On the Peshawar school massacre by Pak Taliban, Togadia said, “as you sow, so shall you reap. It was Pakistan which encouraged the Taliban, and is now facing the consequences.”

Togadia on Sunday had told a VHP rally in Bhopal that his outfit would ensure that the population of Hindus in India increases from 82 per cent to 100 per cent.

“We want to protect Hindus today and 1,000 years from now. We won’t let their population decline from 82 per cent to 42 per cent because then their property and women will not remain safe’’, Togadia had said.
Togadia made the gathering of thousands of VHP supporters to resolve to stop conversion and bring back to the Hindu fold those who have converted.
He also demanded subsidy for Hindu pilgrims.

Togadia said: “Haj travel gets a subsidy of Rs 22,000. Do you get a subsidy for travelling to Mahakal? What is your value? Zero.”

Togadia said, Hindus once dominated Asia. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and all other nearby regions, however, the Hindus in these countries have almost vanished. “I am afraid that 82 crore in India might reduce to mere 42 crore,” he added.

He blamed ‘love-jihad’ as one of the reasons for the dwindling Hindu population in India.

Togadia also administered an 11-point oath to the gathering, urging them to stick to their cultural roots, work more on health, education and ensure that no Hindu sleeps on an empty stomach.

He also told the gathering about a helpline, which he claimed, has more than 5,000 Hindu doctors ready all the time to help ‘Hindu brethren’.

“Any Hindu can contact this helpline for free medical consultation,” said Togadia.

Source: India Tv News