Exhibition Celebrates Temples of Odisha

NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 24, 2019 : An ongoing exhibition here showcases the intricate richness of revered Hindu temples and architecture marvels Jagannath and Lingaraj through an array of miniature stone and wooden models put together with finely detailed engravings and paintings. The exhibition, “Interpreting Temples” by Siddhartha Das Studio, was inaugurated by eminent photographer Raghu Rai, renowned painter Jatin Das and actor-director Nandita Das, among others on Saturday at the India International Centre here. On display are the exquisite objects ranging from miniature stone and wooden models to engravings, paintings and documentaries, all intended to depict the ancient Vedic text and many rituals and festivals related to the centuries-old Jagannath and Lingaraj temples.

“The Jagannath and Lingaraj temples in Odisha, built almost a thousand years ago are iconic examples of Kalinga temple architecture. They have withstood vagaries of time and nature. “To appreciate the temples in their context, through the exhibition a narrative has been created that brings to life the sacred architecture while making apparent the living traditions connected to the Temples. Also, all exhibits have been conceived by the studio and fashioned by skilled crafts people of Odisha,” said Sidhartha Das. “Odisha temples have the history approximately 2,000 years old. The exhibition will act as a medium through which people can learn about these temples,” he said. The exhibition will remain open to public till December 6.