Expats Celebrate Janmashtami at Abu Dhabi Temple Site

ABU DHABI, August 25, 2019 (Menafn): Thousands of expatriates marked Janmashtami, the annual Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Deity Krishna, with various events across Abu Dhabi. Festivities started at the BAPS Hindu Mandir site and various associations across the capital and Al Ain during the evening hours. The celebrations included singing devotional songs, recitation of the Bhagavad Gita, praying together for peace and harmony, dance-drama plays, swinging the cradle of baby Krishna and more. There were close to 4,000 devotees at the BAPS Hindu Mandir site. “The festival is a celebration of the victory of good over evil and one that reminds us of our personal responsibility to live righteous lives,” volunteer Pranav Desai said.

BAPS Hindu Mandir priests and officials thanked the UAE and Indian leadership for the historic and first-of-its-kind festival. “We are all blessed to be living in a nation that supports the universal values of tolerance and harmony,” said senior priest of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Swami Brahmaviharidas.