Gau rakshaks attacking Dalits are not Hindus: Venkaiah

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Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today made it clear that the nation will not give an inch of land from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) to Pakistan.

After unfurling national flag at the State BJP office here on Monday on the occasion of 70th Independence Day celebrations, Venkaiah Naidu said Communism and Capitalism will not be useful to the nation and nationalism only useful to the nation and then only the nation would be developed. He wished the people to perform their duty responsibly and then only the nation would develop comprehensively. He said that everyone should feel that they were part of the nation and then only they will receive developmental fruits. The governance would be transparent and the system would be responsible, he opined. He said that there was no meaning to the freedom of the nation if the developmental fruits will not reach to the poorest of the poor. “Hence the NDA government is implementing Anthyodaya policy”, he said.


Making it clear that those, who were attacking dalits in the name of Gau Rakshana, were not Hindus, Venkaiah said taking law into hands was not good for the nation. He described the attacks on dalits even after India attained freedom 68 years ago was a shameful act. Venkaiah said that it was a challenge to all and one has to face it unitedly. Every one has the responsibility of creating a feeling among the people that all, including minorities, women, men, caste and religion were Indians. He said some were looking the attacks on daliths in a political angle and hence the situation rose to this level and wished them to change this sort of attitude.

            Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Party leaders Muralidhar Rao, Dr K Laxman, G Kishan Reddy and others participated in the celebrations. (NSS)