[GHHF] Savetemples International Documentary Film FestivalOn “My Native Place – My Ancient Temple – Past & Present”

[GHHF] Savetemples International Documentary Film Festival
On “My Native Place – My Ancient Temple – Past & Present”


With an objective to save the temples and protect the Sanathana Dharma, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and SaveTemples (USA) have come together with an initiative.

An International Documentary Festival On “Ancient Hindu Temples in My Village(Town)– Past & Present” will be held on 19th & 20th March 2016 at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.  

The theme for the fest is ‘Ancient Hindu Temples in My Village (Town) – Past & Present’. The documentary should be more than 100 years old ancient temples with its history, importance, festivals and its temple lands etc. On behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, this information was released in a press note by the organization’s one of the founders, Prof. Velagapudi Prakasarao and Cultural Brand Ambassador Dr. Ghazal Srinivas. 

The Savetemples Organization is striving to protect temples which are in dilapidated condition across the world. They are also working towards protection of cows and Sanathana Dharma. The documentary festival is an attempt to create awareness about these issues among the people. 


  • The duration of the documentary should be maximum of 10 minutes.
  • It can be made in any language but English subtitles are mandatory.

The following cash prizes will be given to the best documentaries:
1st Prize : Rs. 1,00,000/-
2nd Prize: Rs.75,000/-
3rd Prize Rs. 50,000/-
3 Consolation cash prizes of Rs.10,000 each
 will also be given away to selected documentary makers. Apart from the prizes, winners will be honored with Memento and Participation Certificate and every participant will get Appreciation certificate. 

Those who are interested to participate in this documentary festival, please fill the online application available in our website www.savetemples.org.

The last date to submit your entry along with application available in website is 15th February, 2016. Those who submitted online application are only eligible to participate in this contest.

You may Consider including this Information
While making the video, please try to include as much information as possible about the past and the present. You may consider answering as many questions as possible. Some of the question may be applicable to your Temple or may not be applicable. We leave it up to your judgment as you prepare the documentary?

  1. Who conceived the idea of constructing this Temple?
  2. Is there any history as to the people who planned this Temple?
  3. Who built this Temple – one family or group of family, or group of people
  4. Name of the Temple and the place where it as built.
  5. How much time it took to complete the Temple.
  • Is it completed stage by stage (meaning: first they completed portion of it, then waited for few years and the started again like that)
  • Is it completed at one-time period?
  1. What was the date and year it was completed?
  2. Who is the presiding deity? Who are the other deities that are installed in the Temple?
  3. Is there any story about the selection of Vigrahas? Where did they come from and who carved them?
  4. Kumbabhishekam: Who did it and when was it done.
  5. How much land was donated to the Temple and by whom?
  6. Does the Temple have Raja Gopuram, dhwaja sthambam, accommodations, lake or any other special facilities?
  7. How big is the Temple and it was built on how much land?
  8. How much jewelry it used to have and does it have the same amount of jewelry or less or more.
  9. Over the years, do you know any land that was sold, encroached by others, or sold at less than market value?
  10. At present Is this temple under the government or it is being managed by independent group of people from the village.
  11. How is the Temple being managed? What are some of the problems?
  12. Are there any historical stories surrounding the power of the Temples? Are there any miracles people have?
  13. What kind of festivals are being conducted? Are there any particular festivals the Temple is known for?
  14. Do you think that the Temple is in good condition or in in dilapidated condition needing renovation?
  15. What are some of the problems the Temple is facing?
  16. What kind facilities are provided to the pilgrims?
  17. How many devotees visit the Temple on a daily basis?
  18. How many employees and priests work for the Temple?
  19. Were there any renovations done to the Temple and how many times renovations were done.
  20. You may include the information about how one can reach the Temple.

As mentioned, make your own judgement about the amount of information you want to include in your documentary based on the availability.
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Sri Venkata Ramana Colony,
Khairatabad,Hyderabad-500 004.
Telangana. India

E-mail: savetemplesfilmfestival@gmail.com
Ph: +91 99126 26256


Source: GHHF