Goa Hindu Mahasabha opposes film Elizabeth Ekadashi

Elizabeth-Ekadashi-TrailerNews below : Pune : School wanted to screen ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’, cancelled after parents create awareness !

Panaji : Hindu Mahasabha’s Goa Division has opposed anti-Hindu film Elizabeth Ekadashi. Other pro-Hindu organizations like Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) have already opposed this film earlier. Now, Hindu Mahasabha – Goa Division will join other pro-Hindu organizations in opposing the film Elizabeth Ekadashi. This information was given by Shri. Shivaprasad Joshi, the President of its Goa Division through a press release. It has been stated in the press release that Hindu Mahasabha was established by Hindu Hriday-samrat Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar for the only purpose of protecting Hindus’ interests and their empowerment. Hindu Mahasabha has been working together with such organizations and people with similar ideology, for Hindutva.  This film not only  denigrates Deity Shri Vitthal revered by all Hindus, but also pilgrimage of Pandharpur undertaken by Warkaris with so much of devotion. Inclusion of objectionable scenes and dialogues while showing Ekadashi ritual and observance etc. are deplorable acts. The film is sending a wrong message all over the country. Today, people think about Pandharpur with devotion but due to this film, they could be misled. Hindus lack Dharma-shikshan; therefore, they are indifferent towards incidents which insult their Deities, Dharma-shastra and seats of worship; moreover, such things causing harm to Dharma are supported in the name of art. Some of the members of Hindu Mahasabha have taken a wrong stand and are supporting the film; but supporting such incidents of causing harm to Dharma, means compromising with Dharma and it will never be approved by Hindu Mahasabha. Hindu Mahasabha will always be with other pro-Hindu organizations for protecting Hindutva.  

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

 School wanted to screen ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’, cancelled after parents create awareness !

Devout Hindus should exhibit such promptness and unity against every attack on Dharma !

Pune : Deity Vitthal revered by whole of Maharashtra, Warkari Sampradaya and methods of worship of Hindus have been ridiculed in the film Elizabeth Ekadashi. This controversial film was slated to be shown on 24th November in a renowned school; but few alert child-seekers of Sanatan explained to their teachers about denigration in this film and later, even parents learnt about the matter. Alert parents contacted school management and demanded that the film should not be shown to students. As such, the show was cancelled taking note of parents’ demand so as to avoid hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. A notice to that effect was put up on the school notice board.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Representation submitted to theatres against screening of film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’

Pimpri (Maharashtra) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti submitted representations to 5 theatres in Pimpri viz. to Manager Lokhande of Ashok Theatre,; to Vishal E-Square Theatre’s Manager Pandhari Bhosale; to Manager Rhushikesh Hasabnis of Jai Ganesh Inox Theatre from Akurdi, Dy. Manager Kaushik Vaidya of Big Cinema from Chinchwad and Manager Gawade of Jayashree Theatre with request to stop shows of anti-Hindu Marathi film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’. All managers acknowledged activities of HJS in positive manner and promised to send the representation to their senior officers. Shri. Bharat Awate, Shri. Gajanan Sonawane of HJS and Shri. Santosh Bebale were present on the occasion.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Theatre owners urged to cancel screenings of ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’ !

• How many Hindu theatre owners show such promptness ?

• With such devout theatre-owners, nobody will dare to denigrate Hindus’ Deities !

Representation being submitted to theatre-owner (3rd from left) against screening of Elizabeth Ekadashi

Pandharpur-Solapur (Maharashtra) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and other pro-Hindu organizations submitted a representation to Shri. Salebhai Bohari, the owner of ‘Sargam’ theatre requesting them to stop screening Marathi film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’ (directed by Paresh Mokashi).

When explained about objectionable scenes from this film, Shri. Bohari said, “I will stop screening of this film if it is hurting religious sentiments of people. Had you come during the first show of the film, I would have stopped even that show. I am also a devotee of Deity Pandurang and have this theatre with His grace. I will stop shows of this film from today, even if I have to bear loss.”

Shri. Bohari immediately called up ZEE Media and stopped the shows by forwarding to them HJS letter through email. He even removed the posters of this film. (How many Hindu theatre owners show such promptness ? With such devout theatre-owners, nobody will dare to denigrate Hindus’ Deities ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)


Representation submitted to theatre-owners at Pune to cancel shows of the film !

Pune (Maharashtra) : HJS submitted representation to many theatre-owners to cancel shows of Marathi film Elizabeth Ekadashi; as Deity Vitthal revered by all Hindus, Warkari Sect, custom of observance of Ekadashi ritual all have been deliberately insulted in this film.

1. Representations were submitted to Shri. Gaurav Shah, owner of Nilayam Theatre at Parvati; Shri. Vasant Suryavanshi, Manager of Lakshminarayan Theatre at Swargate, manager Shri. Mane of City Pride Theatre on Satara Road and to Prabhat Theatre at Appa Balwant Chwok.

2. Managers of 2 theatres in Sinhgad Road area were also given such representation : Manager Shri. D. B. Kumbhare of City Pride and Shri. Bhise, owner of Fun Time theatre. They promised to convey sentiments of Hindus to the film Censor Board.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Complaint lodged with Manchar police station against film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’

Shiv Sainik, Hindutva-vadis and Warkaris warn to stage agitations if legal action is not taken promptly

Hindus should pursue the matter until suitable action is initiated against such anti-Hindu film !

Hindutvavadis handing over representation to police inspector

Manchar (Pune, Maharashtra) : A complaint has been lodged with Manchar Police Station on 23rd November against Marathi film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’ for the disgraceful denigration of Deity Vitthal, observances like Ekadashi, pilgrimage to Pandharpur and Warkaris etc. in the name of entertainment. Police Inspector Mohan Jadhav of Manchar police station promised to take action after discussing the issue with his senior officers.

1. In the film Elizabeth Ekadashi, Deity Vitthal has been shown on a bicycle and Queen Elizabeth on brick. A devotional song has been shown in perverted manner. In one scene, a prostitute is shown as claiming that the pilgrimage turned out to be fruitful for her.
2. Religious sentiments of devotees have been hurt due to these things and Warkaris have staged agitation against this film.
3. Warkaris staged demonstrations against Paresh Mokashi, the Director of the film; but police didn’t take note of it; therefore, a complaint has been now lodged with Manchar police station against the film by Hindutva-vadis.
4. Hindu ways of worships have been deliberately insulted through this film; therefore, cases should be filed against the producers, writers, script-writer, distributors, director, actors and all others who are associated with them, says the complaint.

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Hindutvavadis present while lodging the complaint

H.B.P. Dharmacharya Shankar Maharaj Shevale, advocate Avinash Rahane, Shiv Sena’s joint-PRO, Prof. Rajaram Bankhele, Shiv Sena senior leader, Shri. Arun Gire, Shiv Sena youth leader, Shri. Dhanesh bhau Morade, Shri. Suresh Bhor, district-President of Pune for Jagar Sanghatana, Shri. Dnyaneshwar Khandagale, a member of Zilha-Parishad, Shiv Sena’s taluka-Chief Ravindra Karajkhele, Shri. Balasaheb Shinde, Vadgaon’s former Sarpanch, H.B.P. Gaikwad Maharaj, H.B.P. Balasaheb Valunj Maharaj, Shiv-Udyog and Sahakar Sena’s District-President Shri. Sagar Kajale, Bajarang Dal’s Shri. Akash Morade, Mahesh Bodake, Subhash Morade, Mahesh Thorat, Rahul Thorat and Shri. Dilip Shete of HJS

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Effigy of Paresh Mokashi, Director ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’ burnt by enraged Warkaris; demanding his arrest !

What is the use of such rulers who force Hindus to stage agitations when their Deities are being denigrated ?

Enraged Warkaris while burning the Effigy of Paresh Mokashi, Director ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’

Srikshetra Alandi-Pune (Maharashtra) : There is blatant denigration of Sri Vitthal, the Deity worshipped by whole of Maharashtra, observance of Ekadashi rituals, pilgrimage of Pandharpur and Saints in the Marathi film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’. Enraged Warkaris, therefore, staged demonstrations by putting up an effigy the movie’;s Director Paresh Mokashi, hitting it with shoes and later burning that effigy. They also demanded Paresh Mokashi’s arrest and boycott of the film; raising slogans while displaying placards. Warakaris have warned to intensify their agitation if their demands were not fulfilled and declared that the agitation would go on till the film was banned.

Thousands of Warkaris held keertan on the bank of River Indrayani on 20th November on the occasion of ‘Samadhi-Din’ of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj; after which a meeting of Warkaris was convened to protest against the film. The protestors was addressed by H.B.P. Shyam Maharaj Rathod, Rashtriya Yuva Keertankar. He created awareness amongst Warkaris about denigration of their seats of worship taking place through films.

Objections raised by Warkaris regarding the above film

 1. There are 24 types of Ekadashi-observances prescribed for worship of ShriVishnu but by adding 25th Ekadashi in the name of Elizabeth, religious sentiments of Warkaris have been hurt.  

 2. In the advertisement of this film, Shri Vitthal has been shown as standing on a bicycle instead of brick and Queen Elizabeth has been shown as standing on a brick. There is also distortion of a devotional song.

 3. Saint Kanhopatra was a ‘Ganika’. While explaining the word, child artists from the film make mockery of the word leading to mockery of Saints.

 4. It has been shown in one scene that a character in the film says, the pilgrimage of that year turned out to be quite beneficial for a woman working as a prostitute. The character claims that previous year’s pilgrimage was not so profitable as there was famine; thus advocating for prostitution. In a Marathi play titled ‘Thararali Veet’, it was shown that prostitution trade goes on during pilgrimage of Pandharpur; so Warkaris had opposed that play and it was banned by the State Home Ministry.

Now, once again, image of pilgrimage and Warkaris has been maligned; thereby provoking Warkaris.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat