Happy 2015 to all our activists – Message From Save the Yezidis Movement

unnamedA year is gone and a new year is knocking at our door. 2014 was a year of momentous importance in many of our lives. It was our honor and privilege to get associated with a movement which involved serving some helpless Yezidis  on the verge of wipeout by demonic forces. We could embrace them as our sisters and brothers and do whatever little possible at our end. Mount  Shingal was under seize before us and it is freed today. But hardly are the challenges over. Even today not all the women who were taken hostage by ISIS have come back. Some were executed by ISIS when ISIS realized that even after raping them regularly for 4 months , they could not be converted. What courage and what heroism. What an honor to serve the Yezidis. 
Challenges also remain because ISIS is now indoctrinating generations into demonic ideologies. Challenges remain because their finances are still strong. Challenges remain because there are still 5,00,000 Yezidi refugees and the Yezidis have lost everything in this genocide except their faith in their beliefs.  Yet on the positive side of it, more and more people are joining this movement on a daily basis. Yezidis today are just not one community, they are the survivors of 74 genocides in the heart of the middle east, yet keeping the fundamentals of their religion intact. Yezidis are still the proud inheritors of a 6674 yr old calender, the oldest in the middle east. People look at the Yezidis with reverence and respect, because they have not compromised with their religious beliefs even under extreme adversity. 
Wishing all our activists who made Save the Yezidis a movement a very HAPPY 2015. 
Source: WHN Media Network