Henrietta: Consecration of the Only Temple of Ram in the Indian Ocean

MAURITIUS, March 30, 2018 (Le Mauricien, translated from French): The dedication of Henrietta’s Ramar Kovil recently took place in an atmosphere of contemplation. The Maha Kumbabishegum, presided over by Aya Mahadeven Armoogum Gurrukal and Dr. Jayaprakash, Aya of Chennai, consecrated the temple after seven and a half years of renovations. Indiren Nowzadick, the president of Henrietta Ramar Kovil, said he was “very satisfied with the completion of the work after more than seven years of sacrifices and devotion demonstrated by devotees and generous donors”.

“When we started, we had only US$1,050 in the building fund and it is thanks to the donations that we built a building worth today $413,000. This jewel of a temple belongs to all the devotees and I bequeath this heritage to the future generation. At the same time, I would like to thank Ministers Nando Bodha and Yogida Sawmynaden for their immense contribution to making this dream a reality, “said Indiren Nowzadick. Ruben Satchynda Ramasawmy, president of the Mauritius Tamil Temple Federation, said he was overwhelmed with emotion by this achievement before congratulating the leaders of Henrietta Rama Kovil for “their honesty and sincerity”. At the same time, he invited devotees to work “hand in hand” for the advancement of the country.

Source: lemauricien.com