Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Thergaon, Pune kindles Hindutva

Police should conduct inquiry into Owaisi’s meeting if they have guts ! – Adv. Devdas Shinde

Inauguration of Sanatan’s granth ‘Sugam Adhyatma – Part 3′ – from left Adv. Devdas Shinde, Shri Abhijit Deshmukh and H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye

Thergaon, Pune (Maharashtra) : Today, Hindu-haters are attacking Hindus’ identity and their existence. Non-Hindus create awe about their seats of worship but Hindus don’t do that. Is it the reason for Hindus’ religious sentiments always getting trampled ? Police creating unnecessary obstacles in Hindus meetings, are however, afraid to take any action against fanatics. Police should conduct inquiry into anti-nationals and agents of ISIS and meeting held in Pune by Asaduddin Owaisi; rather than harassing Hindutva-vadis, was the open challenge given by advocate Devdas Shinde, the Secretary of ‘Hindu Swabhiman Pratishthan’ during the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held on 8th February at Santosh Mangal Karyalaya.

H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye of Sanatan Sanstha and Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS also addressed the ‘sabha’. Spark of ‘Hindutva’ was kindled by brilliant speeches of speakers amongst more than 500 devout Hindus attending the ‘sabha’, through their guidance. The ‘sabha’ was started with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ by ‘Purohit’ Shri. Prabhu Mirashi, Sagar Joshi and Pramod Dambe followed with Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS, garlanding statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Advocate Devdas Shinde released Sanatan’s book in Marathi titled ‘Sugam Adhyatma – Part  3’ compiled by ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale.

Shri. Parag Gokhale introduced activities undertaken by HJS in Pune district through projector presentation. Shri. Santosh Barane, the owner of Santosh Mangal Karyalaya and a devout Hindu was felicitated by H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye.

Spread the fire of nation-wide agitations against injustice done to Hindus ! – H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye, Sanatan Sanstha

In this country where Hindus are in majority, non-Hindus and anti-Hindus are attacking Hindu culture. Lack of ‘Dharma-shikshan’ and ‘Dharmabhiman’ is resulting in Hindus getting cheated by anti-Hindus and emulating western culture. There is no alternative to protection of Dharma if Hindus want to preserve their existence as Hindus in the forthcoming period of strife. Hindus are constantly getting biased treatment and they will have to spread the fire of nation-wide agitations fighitng such treatment. Every devout Hindu should now kindle the fire of ‘Dharma-kranti’ in his heart and prepare for the struggle for establishment of Hindu Rashtra !

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat