Hindu idols vandalised over land dispute

Bangladesh-CIA_WFB_MapSome residents in Rangpur city on Friday evening beat up their rival inside a temple and vandalised three idols, made for upcoming Durga Puja, over a land dispute.
Police said Arafat, Serajul, Arif and Ferdous had been disputing the ownership of a piece of land with Kajol Chandra Mohanta. The four with some others followed Kajol to Mohantapara Durga Temple in Rampura-Mohontapara and beat him with sticks.
Kajol took first-aid at Rangpur Medical College Hospital for head injury.
Police arrested Golam Rabbani, Jarip Uddin and Farhad Hossain while the others fled.
Additional police have been deployed in the area.

Source: The Daily Star