Hindu Quiz on Holy Forests


Picture of Dandakaranaya

(Vanam, Aranya are the Sanskrit words for Forest/Jungle)

1.What is the name of the forest that was burnt down by Arjuna and Krishna?

2. In which grove Sita was kept under custody by Ravana? Where was it?

3.Brindavan is associated with Lord…………?

4. Where did Suka recite the Puranas (mythology) to his disciples? Where is it?

5. What is the name of the forest that was visited by the famous Tamil saints Appar and Sambandhar ?

6. What are the sections named after forest in the Hindu epics Ramayana and Maha Bharata?

7. In what way Dandakaranya forest is linked to Rama?

8. What is the stage known as in which a family man is supposed to go to forest for penance?

9. What is the Upanishad that contains the word forest?

10. In which Vana (forest) Buddha gave his first sermon?

gangotri glacier2

Picture of Gangotri


11. What is the name given for the region that consists of forests in ancient Tamil literature?

12. What happened in Tarukavanam?

13.Where is Svetaranyam?

14. What God you can see in Badarivanam?

15. What is the name of the Vedic God in charge of forests?

16. What is the name of  Forest Treatises in Vedas?

17. Where is Tapovan?

18. What is the name given to Indra’s garden?


1.Kandava Vanam; It was near modern Delhi.

2. Asokavan; it was in Sri Lanka


4. Naimisaranya; it is in Uttar Pradesh. There is a famous Vaishnavite shrine with the same name.

5.Vedaranayam; once the area was full of woods. Now there is a small town with this name. Appar and Sambandhar did miracles in this place.


6. Ramayana: Aranya Kanda;Maha Bharata: Aranya Parva also known as Vana Parva

7. Dandakaranaya was he forest where Rama met several Rakshasas (demons) such as Kara, Dushana, Surpanaka.

8. Vanaprastha is the third stage in which one went to forest for self introspection and penance

9. Brhat Aranyaka Upanishad (Aranya means forest)

10. Mrga Vana (Deer Park)

Khandava in Flames

Picture of Kanadava vana dahanam in sculptures

11. Mullai

12. Arrogant ascetics ignored gods. So Shiva and Vishnu went in the disguise of Bikshatana and Mohini and taught them a lesson at Tarukavanam (Vanam means forest)

13. Svetaranyam is Tiru Ven Kadu near Mayiladuthurrai

14. Badarivanam is the abode of Vishnu in the form of Nara Narayaa or Badari Narayana


16. Aranyakas

17. Tapovan is a common noun but there is one famous place with that name just above the Gangotri where Ganges originates

18. Indra’s garden is known as Nandanam. That is the name for Temple gardens as well.


Picture of Dandakaranayam forests.

Source: Speaking Tree