Hindu University of America Webinar on ‘Yoga and the Healing Power of Contemplative Dialog’

Hindu University of Americabrings you a webinar on‘The Healing Power of Contemplative Dialog ‘From the world of Yogaat a time of crisis facing humanityonApril 11th @ 10:30 AM EST(9:30 AM CST/7:30 AM PST/ 8:00 PM IST)
How is this Coronavirus pandemic going to end?Will we return to our ‘old selves’ and our ‘familiar normal’ after this pandemic,orWill we transform ourselves in fundamental ways that we don’t yet know?This Webinar will introduce students to a “Healing Sangha” that is designed to enable them to come together into a contemplative space, where they learn to listen to themselves and each other, in a new and self-reflective way.
In this Webinar, prospective students will:Get introduced to the power of contemplative dialogs;Learn about sakhibhAva i.e. listening with affection and friendliness;Learn about sakshibhAva i.e. meditative listening without judgment;Learn about the course (Antaranga Mandapam) offered in the spring quarter 2020 (course begins on April 14th Tuesday).
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Source: World Hindu News