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Hinduism prepares to become more visible in Britain

The religion’s fastest-growing community in the UK is planning to build several more temples, starting in east London, Damian Arnold writes

Students in Kolkata, India, smear each other with colours during Holi. British Hindus will celebrate the festival tomorrowRUPAK DE CHOWDHURI/REUTERS

On June 14, 1970 Yogiji Maharaj prophesied to his incredulous followers that a vast traditional Hindu temple would rise up in London.

To imagine the first stone mandir outside India since Ankor Wat in Cambodia in the 12th century, and in a British capital at the time broiled by racism, stretched the faith of even the guru’s most devoted followers.

On August 20, 1995 Yogiji’s successor, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, opened Neasden temple in northwest London, having ridden through the streets on an elephant followed by hundreds of dancing adherents. Today it is a magnificent landmark on the skyline.

Source: Times