Hindus Are Not Foreigners in Hindustan: RSS

Supporting citizenship to Hindu migrants who have taken shelter in Assam after facing persecution in other countries, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has stated many problems afflicting Assam would be solved if Bangladeshi Muslims illegally living in the state are sent back to their nation.

Interacting with press, RSS Asom Khetra secretary Umesh Chakraborty said, “I don’t think the Hindu Bangladeshis are presently coming to Assam. However the Hindus who have already came to India from Bangladesh should be given Indian citizenship. If the persecuted Hindus from other parts of the world don’t get shelter in India, where will they go?”

Chakraborty further asserted that Hindus are not foreigners in Hindustan. Those who think for India, work for its development, consider the country as their motherland and can sacrifice his/her everything for the motherland is true Hindus.

He, however, clarified that RSS is not making an open appeal to the entire Hindu section in Bangladesh to migrate to India. “In fact, we want the Central government to take up the issue of security of Hindus in that country with the Bangladesh government so that there is no more persecution and Hindus are not forced to flee. Such a situation should not arise in any country and the Indian government should do the needful.”

Regarding Silapathar incident, Chakraborty pointed, “An evil force was involved in the whole incident and that force is trying the malign the image of the RSS and the Assam government.”

He also added that RSS has already condemned the incident in the strongest terms and demanded that the culprits be brought to book. “We also thanked the Assam police for arresting the Silapathar incident mastermind Subodh Biswas,”

When asked whether the RSS had played any role in the formation of the government at Dispur, the Asom Khetra secretary denied any such role, however praised Assam government for doing several good works since it came to power.

Source: Northeast Today