Hindu’s holy city Kashi

New Delhi: One of the oldest city of India,the ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus for ages.This city is also been popular as ‘Kashi’in religious terms and ‘Banaras ‘ in local language.

Ganges is said to have its origins in the tresses of Lord Shiva and in Varanasi, it expands to the mighty river that we know of. 

The city is a center of learning and civilization for over 3000 years. With Sarnath, the place where Buddha preached his first sermon after enlightenment, just 10 km away, Varanasi has been a symbol of Hindu renaissance. 

Knowledge, philosophy, culture, devotion to Gods, Indian arts and crafts have all flourished here for centuries.     

Banaras has always been popular among the tourist because of the different shades of life the get to see in the city.One can can easily find tourist sitting on the ghats chatting with the saadhus,waiting for the evening to arrive so that the can witnesss the famous ‘Ganga Arti’.

Source: India Tv