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Rudra Abishekam and Chandi Homam is a Vedic ritual organized by Sambodh Center for Human Excellence as envisioned by His Holiness Swami Bodhananda.

The power of rituals which use a combination of mantra, tantra and yantra are far greater in organizing the forces of nature in supplicant’s favor than mere prayer which is often said without much faith or concentration. The Vedas prescribe many rituals for fulfillment of legitimate human desires: for worthy children, happy family life, health, wealth, recognition, professional success, as well as for peace of mind here and hereafter.

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Sambodh Society and SCHE organize, every year in the first week of August, a rare Vedic ritual of propitiating Shiva and Shakti, and other aspects of God, to fulfill our individual and collective desires. Unique for both Hindu and non-Hindu Americans, these rituals take us back to ancient Vedic times and give us the opportunity to experience authentic Vedic culture and religion. Eleven traditionally trained practicing Ritwiks, under the leadership of Rigveda Shastri Pradip Sagdeo and Yajurveda Shastri Shri Aswath, will be officiating over this momentous ceremony. This provides a rare opportunity to worship Shiva and Shakti in a forest ambience, the largest Shiva Lingam andShakti Pitham in the whole of America. 

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Dont Miss This Rarest of the Rare Vedic Ritual !
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