Hindus will have to unite to bring about a change : Shivyogi Perumal Swamiji


Shivyogi Perumal Swamiji, President, Thirumani Cherai Udayar Charity Trust, Tamil Nadu said, “Hindu Dharma is ancient and immemorial; its Deities are eternal. On the other hand, Christianity is only two thousand years old. Even today, there are more than 33 thousand temples in Tamil Nadu. These temples are peculiar and self-sufficient. All temples should be self-sufficient like them.  To bring about a change, numerous Saints, devout Hindus and Hindu organizations will have to come together. Establishment of a Hindu Rashtra is a huge mission, and we are taking steps towards it. Today, there is scarcity of many basic amenities like water, electric supply, proper roads etc. in many places. Why does this happen only in case of Hindus? Hindus should shun their secularism.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti