Holi Festival at the Monument of the Renaissance: In Dakar, India Shines with a Thousand Colors

DAKAR, SENEGAL, March 6, 2018 (Le Soleil, translated from French): The Embassy of India in Dakar celebrated, for the first time in Senegal, the Holi Color Festival. There was a carnival atmosphere in the esplanade of the Monument of African Renaissance. Despite the strong heat and the wind blowing in this open space, the Indians celebrated Holi which is for them the arrival of spring. Holi is the festival of colors. The Indian expats living in Dakar demonstrated it Saturday accompanied by Senegalese. All are sprinkled with powder of colors of all kinds: blue, red, yellow, green, etc. They danced and jumped, all in an atmosphere of happy days. A new season begins for them.

The “Dakar Tiranga Holi” marked the end of the festival “Tiranga 2.0” which opened on February 1st. For more than a month, Indian dance was in the spotlight at the Daniel Sorano National Theater. Holi, according to India’s ambassador to Senegal, Rajeev Kumar, means the victory of good over evil. “Holi, in India, is a big festival. It’s a day of celebration. The colors of Holi are the colors of life,” says the diplomat who promises that, from now on, he will organize every year the “Dakar Holi festival”.

Source: lesoleil.sn