Holi festival celebrates colourful Australian community

For Hindu people in Melbourne, a vibrant festival of colours is about more than ancient mythology. It’s a celebration of diverse friendships. 

Indian ex-pats in Melbourne’s north have hosted an inaugural Holi festival, an event celebrated across the world at the beginning of spring.

Guri Singh covered in coloured powder

Splashing colours is joy, it’s having a feeling of togetherness. Skin colour, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s the same with the colours, the base of the powder is the same. We are all equal. Blood is red in everyone.

Guri Singh, Australian Multicultural Organisation Hume president

Guri Singh throws coloured powder
Guri Singh covered in coloured powder

Meera getting sprayed in coloured powder

Holi is the start of all good things. We throw bright colours at each other so that we all have some colour and happiness in our life.


Avtari Singh throws coloured powder
Nitin Singh covered in coloured powder
Two girls covered in coloured powder with their arms around each other

Nimisha Chauhan covered in coloured powder

I feel amazing, the multiculturalism, it’s nice. I miss my India.


A man being sprayed with coloured powder
Gagan Deep Singh about to throw coloured powder
Tarak Patel covered in coloured powder
Pug Fifa Singh covered in coloured powder
Two men dancing

Chopra covered in coloured powder

There was an immigration of evil and good people, they came. That is the festival of colours. This is the festival where girls and the boys they play, they put the colours and there is always good intention.


A little boy covered in coloured powder
Gurukaran covered in green powder

Friends Priyanka and Annie covered in coloured powder

We are both from different cultures. The colours, the food – it’s a bonding thing for us.