Hon. Indian PM elect Narendra Modi-A Hindu Nationalist Won India

( May 19, 2014, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) In the context of Indian history moreover during the regime of Muslims in India, English imperialist- East India Company invaded India imposing Christianity. They came first as traders. Secondly they came carrying Bible and of course thirdly, the came with the sword building their own military force secretly. The objective was to take over India and everybody knows they succeeded. The British bribed the military by paying salaries to fight for them to control Muslims. Many Sikhs and other Indians joined the British military. This was betraying to own race – Hindus. This is actual history. But, since 2014, Indian people opened their eyes and became active to chase away the looters and anti-Indian Sonia’s Govt and her notorious forces.

India is a big democratic nation. Cordial people to people level relations between Nepal and India has existed since ancient times. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions. Nepal has been always showing goodwill towards India. But, Since Rajiv Gandhi and since 2005, his widow Sonia’s regime and her brokers’ Catholic puppet government had been creating nefarious conspirator roles against Nepal. In India, 85 % Hindus of India were humiliated by the Christian and Mulslim in India. And then, Indian people were in search of strong nationalistic leadership who can bust up and save the Hindu identity and prestige of Indian people.
The will of the people is the best law and then Indian people could choose the leadership of BJP. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. India found a nationalist Hero since May 2014, the BJP leader Narendra Modi. ‘Time and tide wait for no one’ similarly, the Indian nationalist people used the golden chances voting the BJP-in 2014. In fact, Narendra Modi is a true leader integrator. Modi is the only hope for dealing with the seemingly overwhelming challenges. Before just May 2nd week 2014, India was ruled by the anti-Indian lady Sonia, her brokers and Christians, but since May 2014, India could found the nationalist leadership by BJP. The BJP- the Hindu nationalist party has won India.
Of course, history is misguided due to dirty politics played by anti- nationalist leaders in the country. The British, before leaving India had given away millions of hectares land, property and money to Indian politicians. Probably it would be the main cause of all the ills, corruption, and traditional leadership in India. It is necessary to point that the first PM of India the late Jawaharlal Nehru was Indian by body, but was an Englishman at heart. And then his daughter Indira Gandhi, Her son Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Sonia followed the path of British, forgetting the norms and Hindu glorious identities of India and Hindu identity and nationalist personalities. And they maintained the policy to intervene neighboring country like Nepal.
The strong minded nationalist Modi, who was born in Gujarat in 1950, has been a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, since his childhood. The RSS was started in 1925 as a paramilitary Hindu nationalist group and today it runs around 45,000 camps where Hindus are trained in various physical activities ranging from yoga to even weapons training. In 1948, one of its members, Nathuram Godse, assassinated India’s nonviolent independence leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Modi remains an ardent follower of the RSS and a champion of Hindu nationalism, which argues that non-Hindus may live peacefully in India so long as they accept the superiority of Hindu culture. It is this belief that led a young Modi to join the senior BJP leader L.K. Advani. And then, he could create his own nationalistic horizons. Indian people have tested all about the roles of Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi and son, the Congress (I) and Sonia’s anti-nationalist nefarious activities in India. Indian people are all in favor of Indian nationalism. Then, testing the past time, India people have voted the Hindu nationalist hero Narandra Modi, his party- BJP and BJP candidates in the current election of 2014. Good deed is never lost. Then, the BJP leader Narendra Modi won India and could become the energetic Prime minister of India.
It is a matter of happiness for Nepalese that the mass election has chased away the Catholic regime, boycotting the voices of Rahul Gandhi and challenging the Sonia’s regime, her puppet Mamamohan Singh’s government. One day we will come to know how the most corrupt (Sonia) and her powerful hand (Manmohan) didn’t hesitate in dipping their hand in the taxpayers’ money to distribute it in a lavish way. The Sonia’s Govt. spent Rs 3426 cr on LS polls, a jump of 131 per cent over 2009 expenses to make it costliest ever. The looter and the culprits of Sonia and Manamohan Govt. must be trailed keeping in Jail. The innovative PM Narendra Modi must find out their hands movement.
Narendra Modi has already presented the model of development in Gujarat where he utilized the natural advantages- its long coastline, non-unionized labor force and a develop-able land bank of thousands of acres- and added the streamlined bureaucracy and reliable electricity supply that big industry craves. Today Gujarat is the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect an uninterrupted power supply for nearly 24 hours a day, with the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification.
The honest humanitarian leader Narendra Modi has also been dogged by criticism for failing to apologize for 2002 religious riots in Gujarat that killed at least 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, during his tenure as Chief Minister. Narendra Modi denied any role in the violence and the Supreme Court said there was no case to bring against him. After all, Congress (I) and western Christian countries have been showing their unnecessary suspicious. But, they are surrendered seeing the peoples’ mandate on Narendra Modi. The most resounding election victory India has seen 30 years, was welcomed with a blistering Rally who has governed for more than 12 years, a record of more than 500 Million ballots were cast around India.
A scholar Babu Suseelan notes-‘ ‘Narendra Modi is the only person in India to lead India to its past glory and Hindus. Modi has been a tea seller, and has worked in variety of settings; He has demonstrated a special commitment to poor people and diverse population such as Converted Muslims and Christians. In short, Modi has seen it all coupling that experience, with an enthusiasm for Hinduism, drawing on a variety of resources.’ All religions are the same led to our weakness social injustice, violence, spiritual degradation, and our oppression and discrimination by Muslims and British Christians. It is matter of fact that the British Christians and CIA were behind Kejariwal for destroying India, Modi and BJP. They had made an unholy alliance against Hindus and making destructive sabotage against Modi and BJP. But their conspirator policy is finished and they surrendered with the nationalist people of India who voted the BJP leader Modi.
Some diplomats even compare him to Deng Xiaoping and the Malaysian leader, Mohammad Mahathir. A Russian envoy thought Modi to be in the likeness of Vladimir Putin, the rising star of world politics, who has upstaged Barack Obama on the Syria crisis and beyond. Like the Russian strongman. It is expected truth that Narendra Modi can move India with innovative programmed as a prime minister of India. We expect- BJP can rule in India with all round development saving the Hindu prestigious culture and for a long lime.
In the context of Nepal, we Nepalese people hope- BJP should request to the government of Nepal and people to restore the Hindu kingdom with constitutional monarchy. Hindu nation and monarchy defines co-related in Nepal. In the context of Nepal, the permanent institution- ‘Monarchy’ can put unites the cordial relation between Nepal, India and China. Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest. As a guardian of the nation, nationality and national sovereignty; as a protector of national sovereignty, so for the sake of regional peace and stability the constitutional monarchy must be restored as a head of state. In the name of political changes, replacing the republic and secularism since 2006, with the nefarious conspirator role of RAW and its too much involvement BJP Senior leader- Lalkrishna Advani had said: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multiparty democracy’.
An Indian scholar Chanaya Pandit- the well-wisher of BJP writes-‘PM Narendra Modi will have to disband RAW and rebuild a new intelligence agency, such as Homeland Security in the US. RAW is responsible for mass murder, training terrorists, assassinations, killings, murders and mayhem in South Asia, particularly in Sri Lanka and Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. Hindus everywhere must demand this. RAW was a creation of Smt. Indira Gandhi who gobbled up Sikkim and attacked the Sikhs, helped support the LTTE and so many other conspiracies.’ It was addressed (May 19, 2014) to the nationalist scholar Raman Mishra of Nepal. Then, it is expected that the majority BJP leaders and the government of BJP under Modi-the strong Hindu nationalist will prove helpful to Nepal to restore Hindu Kingdom with constitutional monarchy.
Nepal also is in dangerous situation due to the traitors’ regime since 2006. If parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy is to be strengthened and sustained in Nepal, there must be a principle when there must be coordination and a balance between nationalism, monarchism and parliamentary democracy. There must a consensus to maintain Hindu and Buddhist kingdom if a small country like Nepal is to safeguard its identity and security perceptions. ‘Nepal’ is known as the place from where world civilization started. Nepal is a sovereign ancient nation with its traditional identity. Nepal is the pious Hindu country in the lap of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism. Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- the Hindu God. Besides being the country of Everest it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values. This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of ‘SANGRILA.’ Nepal is as holy place to Hindus & Buddhists, as Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem to Jews and Christians. WE Nepalese people must be conscious we save the Nepalese pious identity, traditional culture and prestige.
Due to the traitors’ regime who were guided by Sonis’s Regime and RAW since 2006, Nepal is converted in the ranks of the poorest nations in the world converting the Christianity ending Hindu Kingdom and Monarchy forcefully. Nepalese Party leaders have been tangling up in petty disputes and are carelessly playing with the prestige of the nation. So, Nepalese people want the guardianship of monarchy to intact of Nepalese sovereignty, stability, unity and prestige. And then we can maintain the cordial relation between Nepal and India. If we enrich our level of understanding, many of the problems would be automatically resolved in Nepal and India. So, we Nepalese people hope- the constitutional monarchy and the only one Hindu nation in the world must be declared.
After the election the leader Narendra Modi said- ‘History will remember 2014 Elections as historic and marking a paradigm shift from conventional electioneering. Normally, the party in power sets the agenda of the campaign but for the first time it was not the case. Far from setting the agenda, the ruling party was neither proactive nor responsive. It was only reactive throughout the campaign. This is the right time to look ahead. It is a time to connect with each other. Lets place people over politics, hope over despair, healing over hurting, inclusion over exclusion and development over divisiveness. It is natural for the spirit of bi-partisanship to get temporarily lost in the midst of an election campaign but now is the time to regain it. Personally, this campaign has been a remarkable journey. I had never imagined that someone like me would find himself here today. This is the power of Democracy and this is the power of Bharat Mata. I want to thank each an every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this journey. Your support and criticism made this journey a lot livelier.’
Thanks! We want successful leadership and prosperous future of Narendra Modi- the BJP leader.