Hundreds attend first anniversary celebrations of Kent’s first Hindu ‘temple’

The event was held last weekend

 Worshippers at the first regular meeting place for Kent’s Hindus celebrated their first year since opening at their latest monthly meeting as their search for a permanent home continues.

Previously, followers of the religion had to travel to London to socialise or interact with others of the same religion. A year ago Kent’s first Hindu meeting was held at Newington Village Hall and since then hundreds of new and existing devotees have attended to find out more.

About 250 people went to their latest meeting on Sunday, May 8, to mark their first anniversary.

Radivel Parthiparajan, president of the group of Hindus who started the meetings, said: “Last week was a very good programme.

“About 250 people came and we normally get fewer than that. Newington is a beautiful place for us to meet as it is so peaceful and an excellent place for us to pray to God. The people here are excellent neighbours and so friendly.”

Mr Parthiparajan added: “We want our own home so people in Kent have somewhere to go, their own temple.

“Anyone is welcome to attend our monthly meetings and pray to God.”

The next meet is due to take place at Newington Village Hall on Wednesday, June 8, between 10am and 1.30pm.