India will prosper & become secular if all become Hindus: Adityanath

Yogi_AdityanathThe country will prosper and become secular only when all become Hindus, MP Yogi Adityanath said. Speaking at a programme ‘Tejomay Hundutva organized byVishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal in Bhadrakali area of the citylast evening, the revered saint said that the influence of Muslimshad increased in the country because the Hindus were not united.

“Conversion is continuing in this country and as long as it continues, the Ghar Wapsi programme will continue,” he noted.

Speaking on protection of Muslims by the government, he saidthat not only do they get protection but also subsidies for Haj.

Citing an instance of Pakistan, he said, a petition demandinggovernment assistance for the Haj was rejected on the condition thatit was against Islam.

Considering all these factors, Muslims in India are more secure than in Pakistan, Mr Adityanath claimed and asked why do not theyrevere Indian traditions?

He said the Indian Muslims should learn a lesson from Muslimsin Indonesia, who revere local traditions and do not claim to havecome from Saudi Arabia.

Speaking about the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, YogiAdityanath said that Kashmiri Hindus were allegedly thrown out andtheir properties looted. Hence, the objection of Muslims forresettlement of Hindus was improper, he added.

Lawyer Aparna Ramtirthkar claimed that love jihad or seductionof Hindu girls by Muslim youth was continuing at a fast pace andcautioned girls not to fall prey.

She also charged that female Hindu doctors, lawyers and engineers were being defrauded by Muslims.