Indonesia: Medan Mayor Grants Diwali Holiday for Hindus

bali-indonesia-world-mapbali-indonesia----yoga-world-tours-mrim6tx8MEDAN, INDONESIA, April 22, 2015 (MedanBisnis): The mayor of Medan, Dzulmi Eldin, has granted a “facultative holiday” for Hindus in the city of Medan to celebrate Diwali. This was done so that Hindus can be more calm and solemn during the ritual of celebrating the festival of the victory of good against falsehood. This optional holiday will be implemented starting this year. Eldin explained that he had instructed the Secretary of Medan, Ir Syaiful Bahri, to send circulars to institutions, companies and schools to inform them that they will implement the optional holiday at Diwali time.

“I realize, as the Mayor of Medan, that we cannot move forward successfully without the help and support of all elements of society. So let’s take the opportunity today for mutual respect and nurturing. Hopefully the brotherhood among us will grow even more closely in the future,” he added. The chairman of the Indian Society of Medan, A.S. Kobalen, voiced his appreciation and thanked the mayor profusely. The desire for receiving time off during Diwali has been a longing of the entire Indian community in North Sumatra, particularly in the city of Medan, which has been waiting for this for one hundred years.

Source: Hinduism Today