Islamists stabbed another Hindu Temple caretaker again in Bangladesh

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These victims did not play any part in creating 1947 partition of India, nor in creation of B’desh.
Per Hindustanis’ view, the Bhaarat after the partition can be viewed as Big Brother that gave a part of India to the small bother created/called Pak.
This partition did create killings of Hindus and Muslims right at the time of partition.  So, it was M K Gandhi’s political failure proving that Ahimsaa is not an absolute principle for mankind as it is not absolute per the Vedic dharma.
Then in 1972 this Big Brother helped free B’desh from Pak.
Now if the Hindus in B’desh are being killed, then the Big Brother does have responsibility to save them or cause security for them.
Muslims’ view on the partition is totally different.
To them it was not any favor of Hindustan in creating Pak, but their/Mislims’ might, even when a small minority of India, as Muslims to occupy/gain-free non-Muslims’ territory, rule over the territory, and kill or convert all the non-Muslims as Islam has done consistently since 1400 years.
So, I believe Hindustan gov’t has obligation to cause security to Hindus in the whole Hind sub-continent. This will not be possible till Bhaarat lives by a foreign construct “democracy” which has some serious defects as described in a short article at
Bhaarat needs a swadesi construct of “swaraj”, which will be free from the defetgs.  When done, Islam will be purge out of Hindu, and then from the whole Hind sub-continent.
To accept and live by the foreign construct “democracy” is slavery too.
If svadesi swaraj not done, then the Hindus, Vedic dharma, and Hindustan are doomed. Till the Hindus are a majority there, it is possible to do it with unity and strong pro-Vedic and patriotic leaderships.
jai sri Krishna!
1. Hindu Temple caretaker ghastly stabbed again in Narsingdi in the same Jihadi way of Bangladeshi Islamists.
2. Hindu priest threatened to be killed, over cell phone in Patuakhali.
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Source: Hindu Existence