Kudos! USA, AFRICA and INDIA are set to benefit by THE MOUNT MERU, the center of the Earth

A book on THE MOUNT MERU, the center of the Earth is capable of gracing USA, Africa and India on recognition of the Mount Meru at the center of the Earth.
The Mount Meru is not only at the center of African continent from Cairo to Cape Town but also the Earth. The Egyptians had earlier claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the center of the Earth. But their claim has been nullified with convincing reasons and establishing the Mount Meru at the center of the Earth beyond doubt. The Mount Meru is now no more a matter of miracle, myth or mystery but a history because of disclosure of its horoscope in this book.
The solution lies in the clues available in Vedic literature which has made clear crystal the relationship between ‘Bhugol Madhye’ to ‘Khagol Madhye’ verbatim means between the center of the Earth and the sky.  The Mount Meru is glorified with the status of abode of Gods, pious, tallest and only survival the divine mountain protecting basic elements at the time destruction of the Earth and resurrection of life afresh  on its stabilization once again after a span of time. The span of time is beautifully described in Vedic literature; a day of Lord Brahma, one of the Trinity equals to 8.64 billion years. The survival of the Earth is estimated more than 311 trillion years out of which more than half of the span has elapsed. Nobody should afraid of vanishing the Earth for next more than 150 trillion years. This is the solace from Vedic philosophy. Don’t worry. Enjoy life from generations to generations without any threat or fear. Apparently it looks ridiculous and funny at first sight but it is true as per belief of the Sanatana Dharma of Bharat. All such points have been addressed scientifically.
Many more positive evidences than negative assumptions have been addressed in the book. Of course the findings are more related to milestones enumerated in Vedic literature of Bharat. It would be more worthwhile, interesting and informative with the assistance of Vedic philosophy.
The enshrined move to shift Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Meru Mean Time (MMT) will not only entitle America to be first country to celebrate New Year Day but also recognition of a common central point both for longitude and latitude to start with from the Mount Meru, the natural central object on the Earth.
Africa can take proud of having the MMT located at the Mount Meru on the equator in Tanzania of African continent.
All Religions of Bharat will be pleased and satisfied with the recognition of the Mount Meru at the center of the Earth. The Mount Meru is considered to be pious and tallest having abode of all Gods, the placement of which hitherto remained unknown or ambiguous.
Once the GMT is shifted to MMT, nobody can dare to deny the cardinal rule ‘what is due is to have’ sooner or later. The shifting of GMT to MMT will bring everlasting synergy with significant impact in 80 % of the continents as under.
Sr. No.
Everlasting synergy with significant impact
The Mount Meru occupying pious and paramount image among all faiths of Bharat will feel honored with recognition of the Mount Meru by the world.
To be honored as the country of Rising Sun and ever first country to usher celebration of New Year Day world over. The celebration may continue for 24 hours from midnight 31st December to 1st January midnight for Americans.
Tanzania, an African country to be honored for its recognition as central part of the world and origin of longitude and latitude. The countries having time zone GMT+3 will be placed at zero meridian line particularly Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia etc.
The western European countries to have befitting Longitudes West instead of East. France, Germany, Spain and Italy would definitely welcome the move from GMT to MMT for obvious reasons.
Neither loser nor gainer except change in time zone as applicable to rest of the world.
The book on THE MOUNT MERU, the center of the Earth is available world over from leading marketing agencies like Amazon, Flipkart, publishers M/s Notion Press Media Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India etc. in physical as well as E-form by a single click on the Google Search typing the name of the author ‘Mukundchandra G. Raval’. The book is tribute to the heritage lovers.
Following attachments will provide glimpse for the book and author.
2.            Highlights of the Book
Hope the book will bring a good omen for every American with an opportunity to be first to celebrate New Year Day than last in vogue at present. Africa and India will be equally benefited as explained in above table.
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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)