Kundapur: VHP, BD protest withdrawal of cases against PFI, KFD

Kundapur, Jun 5: Bajrang Dal (BD) south province convener, Sharan Pumpwell, came down heavily on the state government for deciding to withdraw cases of communal disturbances registered against people who robbed peace in the society. “By withdrawing these cases, the state government is aiming at treading a path that is totally different from previous governments,” he said.

He was addressing participants of a protest meeting held on Thursday June 4 evening at Koteshwar near here by BD and VHP against the initiative of the state government to withdraw a large number of cases filed against persons for their involvement with communal disturbances.

“In a number of blasts which occurred at Pune, Bengaluru and New Delhi, activists of Popular Front of India and Karnataka Forum for Dignity were involved. Intelligence agencies had alerted the home department about the fact that these two organizations have contributed towards aggravation of terrorist activities in Asia. Still, the state government has come forward with the offer of treating the activists of these two organizations as innocents. The government seeks to cheat the people through this step,” he charged.

Pumpwell said that illegal cattle trafficking and incidents on the lines of Love Jihad have been on the rise, as those involved with these crimes draw encouragement by the fact that the government is with them, as it has been doing everything to appease the minorities with an eye on next election.

“Movements will be launched in different cities in the state against the dual policies of the state government which seeks to appease some persons at the cost of others. If the government does not change its stance, we will hold aggressive protests with the support of people’s representatives,” he warned.

Bajrang Dal local zone convener, Surendra Koteshwar, and BJP constituency committee president, Rajesh Kaveri, were present.

BJP Yuvamorcha president, Shankar Ankadakatte, delivered introductory address. Suhas Koteshwar hosted the programme.

Protest in Mangaluru

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (CLP)

Mangalore, Jun 4: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal (BD) on Thursday June 3 held a protest near DC’s office condemning the state governement’s decision to withdraw the 175 cases against 1,600 activists of Popular Front of India (PFI) and Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD).

Adrdressing the protestors Jagadish Shenava, district secretary of VHP said, “Popular Front of India (PFI) has been involved in 1,600 terrorist activities. The state government is biased. When the PFI protested violently, destoyed the police vans and hurled stones, no cases were filed against them. When VHP and Bajrang Dal protested at Kavoor and Ulaibettu almost 200 cases were filed on us even though we protested silently.”

“Withdrawal of cases against over 1,600 activists of PFI is a threat to national security. If the state governement does not reverse the decision we will not allow the government to function. We will organize frequent protests throughout the state. We give the government one week’s time, and if it fails to revoke its decision, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal (BD) will go out in massive numbers to meet the governor and urge him to suspend the government of Karnataka. Let this be a warning,” he said.

Adrdressing the protestors VHP Karnataka zone president M B Puranik said, “This has never happened in the history of India where 1,600 cases on a terrorist organization were withdrawn. The governement is supporting terrorists and anti-national elements which are a threat to India. If the state government does not revoke its decision, we will approach governor of Karnataka and put pressure on the Congress-led state governement not to withdraw the cases.”

Jitendra Kottari, chief secretary of VHP, Gopal Kuthar VHP District secretary, Bhujanga Kulal BD District convener and others were present at the protest.

Source: daijiworld.com