Las Vegas hit the explosive jackpot: Salil Gewali

Las Vegas hit the EXPLOSIVE jackpot

– by Salil Gewali, Shillong

Money can do any harmful thing. Yes, now it seems that you can buy lethal weapons and kill people as easily as you buy your bread and butter from a store and eat your breakfast. How many have such dreadfully violent cases happened in a couple of years? They are countless. They all have instantly extinguished the lives of endless innocent people. Sometimes Mississippi, Newtown, Texas, Las Vegas, and sometimes France, Kuwait, Manchester, Landon Bridge, Lahore…! In each case, if we go deeper, the bog boss America is directly or indirectly responsible.

Well, as to the rise of gun culture in the USA, and very recently in Las Vegas, I again blame its Government. How can the US Government allow Tom, Dick, and Harry to purchase the weapons? The police have found a stockpile of arsenal from the possession of perpetrator Stephen Paddock who killed 59 people, leaving 527 wounded. How did he procure these all deadly weapons? And what stopped the government from totally banning gun selling in any manners even after the cruel instances of shootings at various places earlier? Small kids are shooting themselves, schoolboys shooting their classmates for fun, sons gunning down fathers and mothers in a rage, wives shooting their hubbies over petty issues.

This is how the most advanced country in the world is now virtually reeling from a stream of horrific tragedies. Are not the leaders and business houses insanely stupid who all have been resisting the gun control legislation? They have not realized yet the evil also roars from gun barrels. Bluntly speaking, can these leaders give sharp daggers to their own kids? It is exactly like that. People may have grown up but their minds are cluttered with gory thoughts and sadism. And, the results are now here to make the world shudder with fear and anguish.

One wonders, how many such dangerous tragedies should strike the mankind before the leaders come to sense and then act sensibly. Please do not gamble with the life of the innocent. Explosive America cannot hit the jackpot for the humanity.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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