Legacy of selfless community service and teamwork marks farewell of VHPA person Sharad Patel

April 06th 2014 (Houston, TX)

It was a moment of commemorating selfless social service of Houston, Texas based Hindu community leaders. Three generations of leadership showed up at farewell function organized by VHPA Houston chapters making farewell of VHPA associate Sharad Patel a memorial experience. Four decades of committed social service of three generations and experience brought out emotions, joy, making audience proud of being associated with VHPA (Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America), a 40 year old; New Jersey based social organization with chapter’s nationwide USA and programs fulfilling requirements of American Hindu community.


L-R: Pravin Vyas,  Ramesh Bhutada, Dhaval Joshipura, Dilip Mehta, Subhash Mehta, Sharad Amin, Sanjay Mehta, Yogesh Naik with other senior leaders.


Sanjay Mehta (VHPA General Secretary)

Event was marked with visit of Sanjay Mehta (VHPA National General Secretary), who updated audience on VHPA mission and projects. Most importantly educating all on meaning of Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita” (Dharma will protect the one who protects Dharma), which means that protection, preservation and sustenance of Hindu Dharma should be first priority for Hindus. If Dharma is protected, society confidence and prosperity elevates, which leads to empowerment of families.


L-R: ( N Houston VHPA Chapter) Dhaval Joshipura, Manish Aima, Bhavesh Joshi, Sanjay Mehta, Shalini Kapoort, Sachin Chitlangia, Rahul Chandra

Event saw prominent Hindu luminaries like Dilip Mehta, Subash Mehta, Dhaval Joshipura, Pravin Vyas, Sharad Amin, Yogesh Naik and others. Members of young N Houston Chapter – Shalini Kapoor, Manish Aima, Sachin Chitlangia, Bhavesh Joshi were also present.


Girish Naik, Pravin Vyas, Sharad Patel Sanjay Mehta, Sushma Pallod

Event started by Hindu unity song by Nitayana Naik, later Sushma Pallod (VHPA Greater Houston Chapter secretary) invited Girish Naik (ex- president VHPA Greater Houston chapter). Girish Naik gave a brief presentation on legacy of VHPA, Texas based VHPA chapter’s contribution towards Hindu society. He also updated audience on massive contribution of Sharad Patel (VHPA national body member and coordinator for Hindu Vishwa – a quarterly magazine that reaches more than 2000 Hindu families in USA), Sharad Patel has been an active member of VHPA since decades and has played significant role in furthering VHPA mission at regional and national level.


Pravin Vyas (President of Greater Houston VHPA Chapter)


Rahul Chandra (President, N Houston VHPA Chapter)

Rahul Chandra, president of North Houston VHPA chapter talked about programs of N Houston chapter and its important role in serving N Houston based Hindu community. He thanked national leadership of VHPA and Executive board for supporting formation of N Houston VHPA chapter.


Pravin Vyas, Sharad  Patel, Sanjay Mehta (VHPA General Secretary)

Later Sanjay Mehta gave an appreciation plaque to Sharad Patel and all members and audience thanked him. Audience gave testimony of challenging situations VHPA faced with times and how Sharad Patel communication skills, leadership vision and humility helped organization move ahead.


Subhash Mehta (VHPA CO-Founder)

Subash Mehta, co-founder of VHPA, updated audience on era of 1970’s and 1980’s when advance technology wasn’t present and most work was done via in person visits requiring heavy travel and sacrifice of family life.

Program ended with thank note to all community leader and VHPA Texas chapters appreciated visionary leadership of national general secretary Sanjay Mehta under whose stewardship VHPA chapters and projects across USA see a new dawn in expansion and social service culture that fosters brotherhood and teamwork among  various Hindu organizations.



Sushma Pallod ( Secretary, Greater Houston VHPA Chapter)


Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Inc. (World Hindu Council of America)


Source: VHPA