Liquidity problem leaves Pak Hindus to starve in Jaisalmer

jhjJAISALMER: Hindu migrants from Pakistan residing in Jaisalmer are badly hit by demonetisation as the cash crunch has left them starved.

These migrants have earned Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes by working as labourers. But to get them exchanged has become a herculean task for them as they can’t produce any document in banks which guarantee their Indian citizenship. With no usable cash in hand, these migrants are forced to strave without anybody to take care of them.

When Indians are standing in queue to exchange or deposit money in banks, these Pakistani Hindus are facing tough time. They don’t have money to buy food. Their earnings from strenuous work have become obsolete as all payments were made in old currency notes. The cash strapped people can’t buy even a single item from market. Raj Bahadur and Kishan Chand and other migrants said that provision stores given food items on credit basis for few days post demonetisation. But, now they have stopped offering it. The situation has compelled them to take loan from money lenders.

In spite of the difficulties, Hindu migrants completely agree with the Prime Minister’s decision and are ready to face trouble till December 31. They appreciate Modi’s move towards ending the black money menace.

A migrant Rukmo said that starving conditions are going on since demonetization. “We are passing days with extreme difficulties. We have neither any ID cards, nor bank accounts. We are not getting any support from local people,” added Rukmo.