Maa Kali Awakening New York City


It’s a small but significant win for Dharma!  30 years ago Ma Kali was shown as blood thirsty Demoness in a Hollywood movie and now in the heart of America projected to save species from mass extinction! 
Video here:
“A breathtaking heart to heart with Ma Kali in NYC last night. This striking image was projected on the Empire State Building by Tom Sepe and crew in a campaign to raise awareness on mass species extinction, and the fierce #goddess #Kali, the destroyer of darkness and the personification of time, death and holy change was the last image in the show. If there was ever a sign of the times, this is it. In our bones we all recognize, we are in the death pangs of the old world…and that we make it through is anything but certain. It is time to get our Kali on inside and out; to cut off the head and commit to the heart on all levels. So many of us are shedding our false selves, empty certainties and small lives, and no matter how much we wish for the safety of the old, the more desperately we hold on, the hotter the fires of the Real. The quickening of the New Earth is upon us and what is needed now is the fierceness of Ma Kali. A holy oracle of change, her medicine is darkness, her initiation is by fire – she calls upon us to raise from our own ashes, to speak truth to power, take on all our shadows and take up the arms that we have, our own, to hold, serve and protect all life as we would our own child. The Divine Feminine energy pulsing through every pore of the planet right now, every whisper of the world soul is one intimately connected to our ecology. The ecological consciousness is#feminine #consciousness, systemic, #interconnected, relational and #embodied: nature and psyche, body and soul the #spiritual and the #political can no longer remain apart. May we cut through the convoluted narratives of separation, deprivation and control, cut off the dead promises of capitalism and and let the Mother guide us through. May all beings be happy. Jai Ma” ~  Vera de Chalambert ‘s & Android Jones.
Source: WHN Media Network