Malibu Hindu Temple Safe for Now

Hindu Temple Society of Southern California

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, November 11, 2018 (bulletin from Nadadur S. Kumar): “Against all odds, I managed to visit the Temple along with my wife this morning. We were quite astonished to see the Temple standing as tall as always in the middle of many other structures destroyed in and around the Temple. The only conclusion that we could come to was to accept that god acts in mysterious ways. We are grateful that the Temple thus far has not suffered any damage as a result of the raging Woolsey fire.”

HPI adds: Photos of the temple included with the bulletin indicate no damage, and that trees adjacent to the temple have not burned. However, high winds are again predicted for the area which could still bring fire into its vicinity. There are prescriptions in scripture for this type of natural disaster which prevents the performance of daily puja as the temple staff has been evacuated under government orders. According to Sthapati R. Selvanathan of Chennai ( … stapathi-annualdinner.pdf), the relevant one is called Andharitham. He explains: “Andharitham means rectifying and rejuvenating the disturbed spiritual ambience of theTemple sanctity by the natural and unnatural happenings. Natural disturbances like flood inside the sanctum sanctorum due to unprecedented rain, attack of lightning and thunder on the temple structure etc. The unnatural disturbances are like entry of burglars, military attacks inside the temple, unexpected death incidents and sometimes entry of animals. These will be rectified and the spiritual ambience rejuvenated by reciting agamic mantras for certain aavardhis, performing shanthi homas and so on.”

Source: Hinduism Today