Murder Of Hindu Trader, Son In Pakistan Sparks Nationwide Protests: WHN Exclusive

Special Report: Sandesh Dhanja,  Managing Editor, World Hindu News Pakistan

Hindu trader, his son shot dead in Balochistan

Jaipal Das ran a small mobile phone shop near a cement factory around 30 kilometers away from his home in Hub. On Thursday night when he was returning home with his eldest son, Ganaish, he was intercepted by robbers.  A Hindu businessman and his son were recently shot dead during a robbery bid in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

On Sunday 14th May, 2018 in many cities Sindh & Balochistan protest organized by local cities Punchyat with collaboration association Hindu Notables of Pakistan.“This is a social media group,” the lawyer explained. The protesters called for legal and moral support to the family. Das’s seven-year-old son Jarachand was also present at the protest. He demanded that his father and brother’s murderers be hanged.

The deceased belonged to an impoverished family, Shyam Shahani said. “They were the sole bread earners of their family,” he maintained, adding that the protest had been staged to express condolences and solidarity with the bereaved family.

The protesters were holding placards and banners entitled with demands for justice to the family. They raised slogans for arrest of the accused. The protesters demanded provision of justice to the family.


“It has been reported that the duo resisted the robbery and were shot dead,” said a Supreme Court advocate, Mukesh Kumar Karara, who took part in the protest. He added that according to some residents of the area, the two men identified the robbers, due to which they were gunned down.

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Source: World Hindu News