Muslim cop sold juvenile Hindu girl for Rs 50,000 and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan


Abducted Hindu Girl sold for Rs. 50,000/- by Muslim Police Officer in Pakistan.

HENB | Karachi | Sept 11, 2016:: A Hindu woman was abducted from her home, then forcefully converted and a Pakistani cop sold her to a Muslim man for Rupees 50,000. Her father was running here and there to get  any help from others, but that fetched only the reward of physical abuses towards the poor girl! This is the real face of Pakistan Women, children and for minorities there is no human rights! Islamic clerics do generally frame the quantum of torture on Hindu women and fixed rates for sell of Hindu girls and women  and the cops extend the  support for them!

In another case of human rights abuse of religious minority in Pakistan, a Hindu girl was allegedly sold for Rs 50,000 by a police official in Sindh province. Three days after being sold, the girl was forcibly converted to Islam and married to one, Zafar Masoori.

The victim identified as Anila Bagri had been abducted some time ago in her hometown, Mirpur Mathelo of Ghotki district. She was later rescued by police but her ordeal just began here. One of the police officials, Sajjad Qazi held her back and did not allow her to go home.

The kidnapping of Hindu girls and forced conversion are not new in the Sindh province. Pakistan’s Hindu Council says four Hindu girls every month are forced to convert to Islam. A TV news (Video) program publicized in NDTV confirmed the unbelievable state of Hindu girls and women inside Pakistan.

When Anila’s family came to know about her rescue from the abductors, they approached Mirpur Mathelo police. But, Sajjad Qazi refused to let go the girl. He demanded Rs 50,000 from the parents of Anila. This led to a protest by the locals.

But, soon Qazi handed Anila to one of his friends, Masoori in return for money. Local media reported the matter and built up pressure on the administration forcing an inquiry. Ghotki SSP Masood Bangesh was tasked to conduct the probe. Pending investigation, SSP suspended the accused police official.

The kidnapping of Hindu girls and forced conversion are not new in the Sindh province. Pakistan’s Hindu Council says four Hindu girls every month are forced to convert to Islam.

Some of the Rights activists told in a discussion that looting the Hindu shops and business and kidnapping and converting Hindu girls into Muslim faith have been running Pakistan as a very prosperous industries.


Meanwhile, amidst recent reports of atrocities on minorities in Sindh, Hindus of the area have staged protests at several places.

“It’s a matter of routine in Pakistan to abduct a Hindu girl, rape her or force her to convert for Niqah. This has been the norm in the country since 1947. They think that Hindus should be driven out of Pakistan to make it a total Islamic nation and Anila Bagri was nothing but a part of the plot,” said Rajkumar, a local.

Mirpur Mathelo was in news a few years ago but for the same reason. A Hindu girl, Rinkal Kumari was allegedly forcefully converted and forced to marry a local guy. Even in recent months, the town was in news for targeted killing of a Hindu boy, Satish Kumar.

Activist Ravi Dawani of All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat said, “Forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan is not new. Such incidents are not about Rinkals, Anjalis, Shobhas or Anilas. It’s not about names. The point is how to find a solution to this problem.”

“There seems to be a conspiracy behind it. They want to disturb the Hindu community so that they move out from here. But, we will stay here. We appeal to the government to protect our children and our family,” Dawani said.

Responding to the angry protests over frequent abduction of Hindu girls in Sindh, ruling PML Nawaz MP, Dr Ramesh Vankwani said, “Such forced conversion of girls is against humanity. This must stop.”

“I am tired of raising voice; nothing happens here. Everyone knows what happens in Mirpur Mathelo. Girls are forced to convert and sold for Rs 50,000 to Rs one lakh. Only today, I got a High Court order for the release of one such girl,” Vankwani said.




In almost all the cases of abduction and forceful conversion of Hindu girls in Sindh, former PPP MP Pir Abdul Haq, better known as Mia Mithu has been the prime suspect in public opinion.

Even in the case of Anila Bagri, locals point finger at Mia Mithu, who is facing 117 cases of abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girls. Many call this former Pakistan parliamentarian a ”symbol of terror’.


“If mullah had their say, they would force even animals to accept Islam. Their bigotry is giving a bad name for Pakistan in the world,” noted Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi was quoted as saying.

Deputy editor of Awami Awaz, Asad Chandiyo said, “Forced conversion of Hindu girls is very common in Sindh. Earlier, only people like Mia Mithu did such things, now even police are doing it. Chances of getting justice for such victims are very bleak.”