Nashik : Mahant Gyandas Maharaj angry due to concretization of ‘Ram-kunda’

• Why the local administration cannot understand what was observed by Mahant ?

• Persons, who are doing their job in improper way, should be suspended and sent to jail !

Nashik (Maharashtra) : Mahant Gyandas Maharaj, the President of ‘Aakhaadaa Parishada’ stated that owing to concretization, ‘Ram-kunda’ has become like a swimming pool. His statement has raised doubts against works undertaken by local administration. He said that the administration should immediately remove the concrete work as there was still time for ‘Simhastha’.  (Will the administration take prompt action on advice given by Mahant ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)


“We demand that the concretisation be removed. We will also request the Shaivaakhadas to unite with us for the cause of the river. Why can’t the officials find a dumping ground at Trimbakeshwar? They can find one on the outskirts of the town,” – Mahant Gyandas Maharaj

Mahant Gyandas Maharaj said, “During ‘Simhastha’, ‘puja’ is performed of eight Deities (Ashta-devata) of ‘aakhaadaa’; giving them bath; but how can we give bath when the water of Godavari is so polluted ? “ Dr. Pravin Gedam, the Municipal Commissioner said, “A bore-well will be dug in ‘Ram-kunda’ area.” Mahant Gyandas Maharaj said, “Digging bore-well will not serve the purpose but it is necessary to open the sources of water from ‘Ram-kunda’, by removing concrete work.”

Those, committing sin of blocking ‘Godavari-Kunda’, are now paying for their sins ! – Mahant Gyandas Maharaj

“Those, who plugged ‘Kunda’ in Godavari by concretization last time, are all paying for their sins today. Today, their condition is bad,” said Mahant Gyandas Maharaj without taking names of the concerned while talking to a news reporter. (BJP rulers should think seriously about the statement made by Mahant; else they too will have to face the same fate. – Editor, Dainik SanatanPrabhat)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat