Nation celebrates the great social reformer Shri Ramanujacharya’s milliennium year

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarkaryavah, Ma. Suresh Joshi’s (Bhaiya Joshi) statement

The Great sage on Non-dualism

India’s great sage, known for his thoughts on non-dualism, who still inspires us in the contemporary era, Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh honor fully remembers Ramanujacharya ji and expresses its obeisance on his millennial anniversary.

Ramanujcharya was a visionary and proficient sage. He was born thousand years back (Chaitra shukla 5, vi. Sr. 1074, 1 may, 1017) in place named as Perambur in Tamil Nadu.

The great intellectual Shri Ramanujacharya gave his commentaries on Geeta, Brahmasutra and Upanishads. Gently and seriously he nurtured the seeds of evil free society with belongingness in its core values and tried to dismantle the old and irrelevant dogmas prevalent in society.

Muslim invaders stolen the Lord Krishna’s idol from Melukutte, South India and placed it in Delhi. Shri Ramanujacharya marched towards Delhi with thousands of people together and returned to Melukutte with idol of Krishna. He accomplished the task which sounds impossible. One of the daughter of Muslim kingdom who used to be devotee of Lord Krishna, followed Shri Ramanujacharya and came to Melukutte. Shriramanujcharya took a revolutionary step and placed her at respectable position in temple for worshipping work.
The Muslim daughter used to dance in devotion of Lord Krishna and this made her famous by the name of Biwi-Nachchiyar.

  • Mahatma Nambi of Tirikottiyar gave Diksha to Shri Ramanujacharya and gave a ashtakshri mantra “Om Namah Narayana” which he told to keep as a secret and never disclose to anyone. But, Shri Ramanujacharya called everyone and disclosed the mantra. Guru Nambi cursed him for hell, with utmost peace he said” I would accept any curse if people will gain peace and serenity from this mantra”.

Shri Ramanujacharya urged we should reject the sense of casteism and should assimilate wisdom in ourselves. The arrogance of egoism is enemy to entire human society. Shri Ramanujacharya used to promote people from all section for the work and arrangements of worshipping.

  • In his old age when he used to go for bathe, he would take support of Brahmin while returning he would take the support of a Dalit.
  • Tirukkultar used to be lower caste to which Shri Ramanujacharya has announced and give respect as nitya Vaishnava and he facilitated them to gain the post of famous vaishnava saint.
  • Sri Ramanujacharya facilitated the death ceremony of intellectual named as Manrneri nambi as of Brahmin. Golla (backward) society were facilitated by him to enter in Tripuati Temple for first time.
  • He facilitated the entrance of extreme backward class in Mellukote Temple in Karnataka and also started one annual festival on the name of Mellukote which used to be an extreme backward class.

In short one thousand year ago, he seeded the sapling of new era with his intellect and noble behavior. He instigated the importance of dismantling the caste and section based differentiation, urged for societal behavioral change and gave the following sutra to society:

                              “Na jatih karane loke gunah kalyanana hetwah”   

That is: “Human welfare is judged by his conduct not by his caste”.

On the basis of Shri Ramanujacharya’s spiritual message a great bhakti-movement rose. In 13th century a movement led by thousands of saint and devotees stood up to make the society free of evilness. Due to this Bhakti movement, country overcame the challenge of difficult era.

Today is the millennial anniversary of the great sage, we should observe our self and try to cultivate his message in every individual and his vision of ‘belongingness’ should become basis of our society. We should participate widely on the occasion of his millennial anniversary and promote his school of thought. This would be a true tribute to great sage.

RSS Perambur unit swayamsevaks organised Ramanujar 1000th year celebration today at Perambur Ranga Mannar temple. Program started with bhajan, aranthanai and ended with prasadam distribution. Maha Nagar Seva pramuk Sri Srinivasan ji was present. Shri Velladurai, Vijayabharatham addressed the gathering. Around 40 people participated.  


Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra