Need Editor For Hindu Vishwa, Quarterly Magazine Of VHPA – Applications Invited


We are looking for an editor for Hindu Vishwa, a quarterly magazine of the VHP of America, below are the details of the work.

Hindu Vishwa Editor’s Role & Responsibilities

  1. Must have excellent written communication skills.
  2. Must understand the vision, mission and overall work of VHP of America.
  3. Must have an extensive experience in working with a non-profit charity.
  4. Must have overall knowledge of happenings affecting/involving Hindus in and around the US specifically, and Hindu society around the globe
  5. Supervise other editors and writers, working as a team. 
  6. Develop each issue’s editorial, working with the other editors to finalize specific stories, angles and sources in timely manner. 
  7. May or may not write articles, but review all articles for content before they are published.Mastery over languages (English and Hindi).
  8. Must have subject expertise and contacts that allow him/her to shape an article’s direction with the writer, down to recommending sources of information, such as research, organizations and sources.

Please note, it’s a voluntary work and there are no monetary gains associated with it whatsoever. Each issue must be completed and published each quarter in timely manner.


If you are interested or would like to recommend someone, please apply to Shyam Tiwari:


Shyam Tiwari

VP Publications, 

VHP of America

Source: World Hindu News